Doing Business with HPD

HPD currently maintains lists of prequalified competent contractors from which it can draw to promptly and effectively perform needed maintenance and repairs in residential buildings as well as emergency work of up to $100,000, the small purchase limit.

The lists of prequalified contractors perform work in various trades, including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, asbestos abatement, window guards, extermination, and demolition.

HPD maintains separate prequalified lists for the Emergency Repair Program (ERP), the Tenant Interim Lease Program (TIL), and the Alternative Enforcement Program (AEP), but vendors may be included on more than one list.

Eligibility criteria for becoming prequalified are set out in fact sheets and application forms for each program under HPD's Vendor List.

HPD also issues large procurements that exceed the $100,000 limit, which are advertised in the City Record. Contractors are encouraged to register with the City Record to view opportunities on a daily basis. For more information on large purchases, go to Procurement


On August 1, 2017, the New York City Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS), implemented a new procurement system called PASSPort, The Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal, PASSPort will replace the paper-based VENDEX process and will become the primary portal to do business with the City. For more information or to begin enrollment in the new system, visit Submit questions or concerns to MOCS via the Contact page

How do I access the PASSPort website?

You can access the PASSPort website by clicking on the PASSPort icon below, or by entering the following address into your web browser:

What’s on the PASSPort website?

  • Learn about PASSPort and how moving the VENDEX process online makes doing business with the City easier
  • Access support materials such as the PASSPort videos, FAQs and Vendor Fact Sheet
  • Register for upcoming vendor briefing sessions to speak directly with the MOCS team about PASSPort
  • Understand how to contact the PASSPort support team with questions or concerns

Thank you for your continued business with the City of New York.  The goods and services you provide City residents drives our goal to improve our procurement process and make doing business with the City easier.

Please contact the PASSPort support team with any questions or concerns at: