Adult Protective Services

The Adult Protective Services Program (APS) provides services for physically and/or mentally impaired adults. APS works to help at-risk clients live safely in their homes.  APS clients can be referred by anyone. Find more information on referrals or make a referral here or call 212-630-1853. If an individual is eligible, a home visit will be made in three business days or in 24 hours if the situation is life-threatening. Read this brochure for more information on what qualifies an individual for APS and what factors are taken into consideration during a home visit.

For more information, contact the APS office in your borough:
• Brooklyn Borough Office: 718-722-4830 | 718-722-4812
• Bronx Borough Office: 718-620-8880
• Manhattan North Borough Office: 212-971-2727
• Manhattan South Borough Office: 212-279-5794
• Queens Borough Office: 718-883-8254
• Staten Island Borough Office: 718-556-5846
Other phone numbers:
• APS Central Intake Unit at 212-630-1853.
• Division of Voluntary and Proprietary Homes for Adults (DVPHA), for information on placement call 212-971-2930. More information on what’s offered in Family-Type Homes for Adults.

APS is a state-mandated case management program and part of HRA's Office of Special Services.


•    Referral System: Make a referral