Global Partners Junior

Global Partners Junior

Global Partners Junior is a program of NYC Mayor's Office for International Affairs which connects nearly 1,000 underserved NYC youth ages 9-13 with 2,000 peers in classrooms from over 30 international cities through an online platform and original curriculum. Global Partners Junior empowers students to brainstorm solutions for making lasting changes in their communities and to see themselves as global citizens making a local impact.

Students address urban challenges through community action projects, sharing best practices and learning from their international peers. Project-based learning and online communications reinforce vital literacy and critical-thinking skills while building students' identities as global citizens. Not only do these activities enhance students' curiosity about the world and respect for cultural diversity, but also develop participants' positive sense of community and ability to become ambassadors for their city. Students use technology to communicate ideas to diverse audiences as they learn to use word-processing programs, digital design, and video editing software.

Global Partners provides professional development training, student workbooks, lesson plans, and support services to schools and after-school providers implementing the program. Global Partners contracts with TakingITGlobal to host the online platform that students use to communicate with their peers.


Now in its fourteenth year, the program has operated in 58 cities around the world, from Beijing to Mumbai; Lima to Moscow. In New York City, Global Partners Junior is offered in public schools and after-school programs, which are operated by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and the New York City Housing Authority.

School-Year Program

Global Partners Junior develops interest in diverse cultures and teaches students to work collaboratively, develop critical literacy skills, and take pride in their local communities. From September to May, students ages 9-13 in New York City and around the world collaborate on a shared curriculum. Past school-year curriculum themes include environmental sustainability, creative writing, theater arts, and international business.

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Summer Program

Many years, Global Partners has offered a 7-week summer program in partnership with the New York Public Library (2012 and 2013) and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (2014 and 2015). Students collaborate on a shared curriculum that consists of four activities: in-class research and discussion, online exchanges with other global classrooms, field trips, and community-based projects. Past summer curriculum themes include public art, theater arts, and community gardening.

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Program History

Global Partners Junior was developed in 2004 in partnership with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and then expanded to after-school sites supported by the NYC Housing Authority, CAMBA, Goodwill Industries, United Activities Unlimited, and the New York Public Library. In 2010, NYC public schools offered the program for the first time during the school day. The program has been integrated into social studies, language arts, computer, library, and homeroom classes.

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Please contact the Mayor's Office for International Affairs at 212-319-9300 or e-mail the Office with any questions about Global Partners Junior.