VENDEX questionnaires are required for procurements over $100,000 in cumulative funding within a 12 month period and are valid for three years from the date of signature. Vendors are required to update their forms with each new award. If any of the information has changed since the prior filing, the vendor must submit "changed questionnaires." If no information has changed since the prior filing, the vendor must submit a "Certificate of No Change."

PIP Forms: W-9 and W-8 Tax Forms

Vendors who wish to do business with the City of New York must complete either a Substitute W-9 or W-8.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program

Local Law 43 of 2007 requires all vendors with City contracts for more than $25,000 to enroll in the Direct Deposit payment program. 

Doing Business Accountability

Entities generally complete Doing Business Data Forms at the time of proposal and award.  A special Update Form must be completed by an entity when an individual who is or was affiliated with that entity requests to be removed from the Doing Business Database, or when an entity wants to update its information at a time other than proposal or award.

Information shown in the Database is provided by the entities themselves.  If you believe that an entity or individual should not be listed in the Database because the entity does not participate in transactions covered by LL 34, or the individual does not hold one of the positions noted above, please complete a Removal Request Form.

For more information, please see here.

Discretionary Forms

Capacity Building Oversight Forms