Nightlife at MOME!
Historic Bill

    The nightlife industry is a huge economic driver in the city and now it will have a champion. The new Senior Executive Director of Nightlife will serve as a liaison between NYC's storied nightlife industry, city government and local communities.
MOME Announces Fall Lineup of

    "Made in NY" Talks provide aspiring creators with rare access to top executives, producers, and journalists, who will share their valuable experience.
One Film, One New York Unites the City
Crooklyn wins!

    Spike Lee's warm, witty film Crooklyn was voted the winner of #OneFilmNY. The movie celebrates childhood in Brooklyn and boasts an amazing 70s soundtrack.

Legendary Recording Studio Saved
Visionary project

    BerkleeNYC will house storied recording studio, offer educational programs for the public, and feature an AR/VR studio in a visionary public/private partnership.
Seth Meyers Receives MOME's Spotlight Award
From SNL to "Late Night"

    MOME's Spotlight Award illuminates excellence in the film, TV, music, publishing, digital content, and advertising sectors. The award recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the growth of NYC's thriving media and entertainment industries.


NYC Media and Made in NY
NYC Life announces new fall lineup. Learn more.


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