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Current Topics

Hurricane Sandy: Four Years Later

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NYCHA is marking the fourth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy with a construction and hiring boom. At this time last year, major construction was underway at one development––the Lower East Side Rehab Group 5. In the past year, the Authority has broken ground on three additional major recovery projects. As these projects are ramping up major construction, the recovery and resiliency efforts at Lower East Side Rehab V are nearing completion.

Fire Safety At NYCHA

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Safety is our top priority—it is simply unacceptable to put NYCHA residents at risk because of neglect or indifference. In addition to disciplinary actions being taken against staff identified in the report, the Authority issued enhanced safety inspection protocols and training, and launched an internal audit and employee public awareness campaign back in June. We remain committed to building safer, cleaner and more connected communities.

Celebrating One Year of NextGeneration NYCHA!

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In just one year, NYCHA has made significant accomplishments to improve the everyday quality of life for the 600,000 New Yorkers who call NYCHA home. NYCHA has partnered with City agencies and nonprofits to provide residents with best-in-class services, and laid the groundwork to generate much-needed revenue for NYCHA.

NYCHA, DEP, and DOHMH release letter on safe drinking water

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"With recent attention on lead levels in tap water around the country, we wanted to assure you that New York City’s water is safe, including the water at your development."

Read the rest of the letter.

Young residents needed to join Public Safety Advisory Committee

Gerald Nelson Speaks to Seniors at Community Center

NYCHA recently announced the launch of the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) and is looking for two public housing residents ages 18-24 to serve on it. As part of NextGeneration NYCHA— the Authority’s 10 year strategic plan— the Public Safety Advisory Committee will engage a variety of stakeholders to develop a NextGen Public Safety Blueprint, a plan that will incorporate current public safety efforts with additional initiatives to address crime, youth and community engagement, emergency response and preparedness, lease enforcement, and quality of life issues ranging from littering to dog owners that fail to curb their pets.

Since more than 41 percent of NYCHA residents are under the age of 25, elevating the voice and input of young adults living in NYCHA communities will be crucial to shaping the direction of the Public Safety Advisory Committee. NYCHA is accepting applications from public housing residents ages 18 to 24 to serve on the Public Safety Advisory Committee. Applicants must be a current NYCHA resident and commit to participating on the Advisory Committee for a year.

Applications will be accepted through March 31st and resident advisory committee member selections will be announced in April. Residents can find the application here.

NYCHA Completes Major CCTV, Security Upgrades at 31 Developments

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On January 19, 2016, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Chair and CEO Shola Olatoye announced the completion of major CCTV at 31 developments citywide, representing an investment of over $18M in joint city and state funding.

CCTV, or video security systems, have been integral in NYCHA and the NYPD’s efforts to identify suspects involved in criminal acts. Aside from CCTV, ongoing security upgrades will include allocation for layered-access control (LAC) — small, lightweight electronic nubs which, when tapped against an electronic reader, provide building entry access to residents. The LAC technology is linked to authorized public housing residents. The accompanying key-fob technology can also be deactivated when misplaced, and cannot be duplicated.

These comprehensive security upgrades will strengthen security throughout NYCHA developments and move the Authority closer to the Next Generation NYCHA goal of safe, clean, and connected communities.

Read the official press release

NYCHA Enhances Transparency with Launch of New Interactive Sandy Recovery Map

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The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) announced the launch of the Interactive Sandy Transparency Map, a new digital tool to locate information on recovery and resiliency work at NYCHA developments severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The interactive map provides NYCHA residents and the public with access to regular information on spending and status updates on work related to the $3 billion in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funding. Currently, 17—or more than half of NYCHA’s Sandy-sites are undergoing initial reconstruction, including boiler demolition, apartment repairs, electrical upgrades and asbestos remediation.

The public can use the Interactive Sandy Transparency Map to learn more information about FEMA-funded reconstruction and resiliency projects at more than 30 NYCHA developments, including the scope of work, project phase (planning, design, and construction), estimated funding levels and timelines, renderings and contractor details. [See Guide]

After 3 Years, NYCHA’s Long-Awaited Sandy Recovery Enters New Phase
NYCHA Recovery to Resiliency

October 29, 2015 — Marking the third anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) today announced progress in transitioning more recovery work from the planning to the construction phase with the start of a complete rebuild of the Red Hook Senior Center—a center which suffered severe storm damage and has remained closed since the storm. Facing the most costly and destructive disaster to affect NYCHA property and residents in 80 years, NYCHA’s restoration and rebuilding efforts have been directly tied to the access and pace of recovery funding.

Read the official press release

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