NYCHA Recycles

NYCHA is committed to working with the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) to achieve full compliance with the City’s recycling law throughout NYCHA developments by the end of 2016.
The Authority will comply by make recycling bins available and designate recycling areas, but will also go beyond to ensure success. NYCHA is working closely with DSNY and GrowNYC to develop a community engagement strategy with educational activities, workshops, and events to promote recycling.
In addition to the positive environmental impact, recycling will improve the physical landscape and environmental health for residents. It will also benefit NYCHA employees by creating safer waste collection conditions for employees in the field.
The recycling effort will begin at five NYCHA developments in spring 2015, followed by a rollout to all other NYCHA’s developments by the end of 2016. DSNY and GrowNYC will partner with NYCHA on the rollout to additional developments.

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All New Yorkers have a responsibility to recycle and reduce waste. Today, recycling diversion rates vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood. Older, denser residential neighborhoods often have buildings that lack adequate space for recycling bins. In NYCHA developments, small and inconvenient recycling bins have gone unused for much of the last decade. This spring, NYCHA has begun to tackle this challenge head-on, so as to allow residents the opportunity to recycle like every other New Yorker by constructing new recycling centers at all NYCHA developments. DSNY and GrowNYC will work with NYCHA to train residents, community leaders, and staff on recycling and waste reduction practices. Through partnerships with private and non-profit organizations, NYCHA will continue to support improvements in recycling rates as part of a comprehensive waste management strategy.

In addition to working with NYCHA developments, we will expand outreach to low-income and immigrant communities with the goal of doubling recycling diversion rates in these communities over the next five years. We will translate recycling mailers and pamphlets into the City’s eight most commonly spoken languages and work with local community organizations, block associations, and community-garden groups to give people the tools they need to reduce waste and recycle more.


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GrowNYC at Ingersoll Houses Cleanup Event
Van Dyke Cleanup
Cleanup at Van Dyke Houses
Ingersoll Cleanup
Recycling bins at NYCHA

NextGeneration NYCHA's Recycling Program

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