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The NextGeneration NYCHA Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda, an extension of NextGeneration NYCHA, expresses NYCHA’s commitment to create healthy and comfortable homes that will withstand the challenge of climate change. It is also an invitation to residents and surrounding communities to work with NYCHA to realize a shared long-term vision of equity, sustainability, and resiliency.

The Sustainability Agenda details the commitments that NYCHA will make over the next 10 years to improve resident well-being and operate as an effective and efficient landlord. By communicating these priorities and goals clearly, NYCHA seeks to establish a firm foundation for partnerships with residents and the communities surrounding them to work together toward a sustainable and resilient city.

Focusing on resident health and comfort, and working hand-in-hand with sister agencies and community partners, NYCHA aims to achieve the following by 2025:

  • Eliminate the root causes of mold by fixing leaks in roofs, façades, and pipes and modernizing ventilation systems.
  • Eliminate overheating and unplanned heat and hot water outages.
  • Start on the path to meeting the City’s goal of reducing greenhouse gases
    80 percent by 2050.
  • Address climate adaptation and resiliency in all capital planning.
  • Incorporate sustainability into day-to-day management of all properties.

Call for Innovations

NYCHA is seeking technical solutions to help with electrical and heat demand. Learn more about these challenges through the Mayor’s Office of Tech + Innovation.


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