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The Community Affairs Bureau sponsors a number of community-related programs that support the mission and functions of the bureau. For additional information about these programs, please contact the Community Affairs Bureau (, visit the Community Affairs officer at your local police precinct, or call 646-610-5323.

Block Watcher Program enlists individuals who watch their blocks for unlawful activities and other incidents that erode quality of life, and then notify the NYPD. The program formally organizes civic-minded volunteers by providing specialized training that equips them with the skills to provide police with complete and useful information. Each block watcher is issued a unique identification number to reference when calling 911 or 311, alerting operators that the callers have received training in recognizing criminal activity and quality of life issues. Participants in this program remain anonymous.

Citizens Police Academy members attend an accelerated police training program, similar to what the NYPD police recruits receive. The program runs for 10 weeks and is offered in the spring and fall, meeting one night each week. Participants, nominated by precinct commanders, gain a rare insight into police work and the often split-second decisions made by police officers. NYPD bureau chiefs cover a number of topics including the law, police procedure, and counterterrorism. The program brings together participants and the NYPD with the common goal of making New York City a better place.

Clergy Liaison Program establishes a working partnership between the NYPD and clergy leaders of all faiths throughout the city. NYPD clergy liaisons are nominated by precinct commanders and, once selected, receive specialized training on such topics as hate crimes, domestic violence, drug abuse prevention, gang awareness, and counterterrorism. Participants' close connections to the community place them in a unique position to identify community issues and help the Department implement early intervention strategies.

Community Partnership Program brings police officers and the community together, providing a platform to dispel preconceived notions and forge new, positive relationships. Establishing relationships with the communities they serve enhances a police officer's ability to reduce crime through a greater knowledge of a neighborhood and an awareness of local crime conditions.

Ride-Along Program enables community leaders and residents to experience firsthand the everyday work that police officers do. Police officers explain how they monitor activities on the street and what course of action they might take to correct an issue. They also explain how radio assignments are processed, received, and handled. The program participants come away with an enhanced awareness and understanding of a police officer's duties, leading to trust and stronger police-community partnerships.

The NYPD also offers a number of youth-focused programs. Visit Community Affairs Youth Services Section to find out more.