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Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy was established in the early 1990s to promote a better understanding between community members and the NYPD. Today, nearly 7,000 New Yorkers from all 77 police precincts and the Housing and Transit Bureaus have participated in the 14-week voluntary program.

Experienced Police Academy instructors and outside experts provide training in the legal, social, and procedural aspects of policing. Other areas of study include counterterrorism and firearms discipline. Lectures, videos, role-plays, and workshops help educate community members about police training and tactics. The Citizens Police Academy is a valuable asset in promoting positive community and Department relationships, fostering a full exchange of ideas and perceptions. Maintaining a strong relationship with the Community Affairs Bureau and various Department entities, the Training Bureau staff keeps the curriculum both current and relevant.

The program is offered in the spring and fall. Learn more about the Citizens Police Academy through your community affairs officer at your local police precinct, or call 718-670-9795.