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Firearms Licensing

Working with Handgun License Consulting Firms

Consulting companies often falsely guarantee people who apply for New York City handgun licenses or shotgun permits that they will be issued a license or permit if the applicant uses their services to complete the application form. These firms cannot obtain a handgun license or rifle and shotgun permit for you if you do not qualify, nor can they expedite your application. As an applicant, you should be aware that such services are not required or endorsed by the New York City Police Department and that only an attorney licensed by the State of New York can represent you before the License Division. You should also understand that any fees you pay to a consulting firm are in addition to those required by law and collected by the License Division. The License Division does not guarantee the issuance of a handgun license or rifle and shotgun permit to any person who uses the services of a consultant. Each application is reviewed on its merits and under the qualifying criteria set forth by law.