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Training Policies

  • Have at least 10 participants ready to begin at the start time. If you anticipate having fewer than 10 participants present, please contact the Project Director as soon as possible to discuss. Note: Participants arriving later than 15 minutes after the training has started will not be able to participate in the session.
  • Have the following supplies available: flipchart, chalkboard, or dry-erase board and markers or chalk; pens/pencils for all participants to use during the training; and scotch or masking tape.
  • Set up the chairs in a circle, if possible
  • If food will be provided to the participants, please serve either before or after the workshop, not during.
  • Please inform the Project Director if cameras/videos will be used or if members of the press will be invited.
  • Note that the training content is intentionally inclusive of young people who are pregnant/parenting, foreign-born, runaway homeless, exploited through prostitution, and/or lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/questioning.

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Training Location

Training information: Please indicate your preferred and alternate dates and the amount of time you would like to spend on training. Note that the minimum length of time for a training session is 2 hours and the ideal length of time is 3 - 4 hours.

Participant information: * Trainings are for 10 - 50 participants

Space & Supplies

Training Options: Staff training sessions are facilitated by senior staff and educators of the NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy, and offer an overview of how teenagers experience dating violence and healthy relationships, as well as strategies for effectively working with teenagers on this topic. During the training facilitators will use interactive activities such as brainstorms, problem-solving, role-plays, discussion and small group activities. Please indicate which training option(s) you would like:

Recommended for staff or professionals who have some or no knowledge of the basics of dating violence and healthy relationships among teenagers. This session would also be an important refresher for someone who has not recently learned about the topic, or has only learned about domestic violence among adults. The topics include:

  • Defining Family Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence, and Healthy Relationships
  • Understanding Power and Control
  • Promoting Healthy Relationships among Teens
  • 23 Warning Signs of an Abusive Person
  • Why Teens Stay in Abusive Relationships
  • Tips for Working with Teenage Victims

Recommended for staff or professionals with a strong knowledge of dating violence and healthy relationships among teenagers or who have already participated in the introductory training session. Trainers will assume the participants are already familiar with tactics of abuse, warning signs, and why people stay in abusive relationships, which are covered in the introductory session. The topics include:

  • Effective Communication with Teens
  • Responding to Disclosures
  • Working Effectively with Abusers
  • Safe Break-Ups and Safety Planning
  • Practical Application of Skills

This session is intended for parents or staff to learn about how technology can impact teens' relationships. Topics include basic information about popular technology platforms that teens use, key points on what teens need to know about technology and relationships, and tips on how to be a resource for teens.