The Mayor's Office of Operations works to make a government of over 40 agencies and 300,000 employees more effective, efficient, and coordinated in carrying out its day-to-day business. It also works to ensure City government endeavors to increase equity, and is accessible to the 8 million residents the City serves.

The Office of Operations also monitors the performance of all City agencies, holding each agency accountable for providing high quality services and making data about the City's performance readily available to the public.

Additionally, Operations services as a research hub for the Mayor’s Office as well as for the wider city. Its various units provide an analytic framework from which projects and performance can be measured. Through its research, Operations examines wider research questions concerning developmental trends in the City, questions that lead to direct policy formulation and testing.

Providing excellent customer service to the public is crucial to all government efforts and therefore Operations also tracks customer service satisfaction at the agency level. This Customer Service unit additionally provides incentives to agencies to further elevate their customer service.

Furthermore, the Audit Services unit within Operations coordinates internal and external audits conducted by both governmental and non-governmental entities.