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The Scorecard Inspection program measures and reports on street and sidewalk cleanliness across the city’s five boroughs.


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*Note: As of August 2009 Scorecard ratings are calculated using a more sophisticated computer system which generates less rounding error than in the past. For this reason, some historical figures previously posted may have changed (for instance, a rating for last year previously shown as 89.6 percent may now show as 89.7 percent.) There are few such changes in the historical figures, and all that do appear have changed by no more than one-tenth of a percentage point. There is no change in the way cleanliness levels are evaluated by Scorecard inspectors.

We caution you not to put too much emphasis on just one month's rating. Street cleanliness is affected by the rate and amount of littering, the degree of compliance with Alternate Side Parking regulations and the incidence of Health and Administrative Code violations, as well as by weather and other seasonal factors. We cannot always be sure to what extent these conditions change from month to month, nor the degree to which they affect Scorecard ratings. The level of street cleanliness is only partially the result of the work of the Department of Sanitation. The most effective way we have found to assess trends in cleanliness is to compare figures for several consecutive months to those for the same months in the prior year.