Bushwick Neighborhood Planning Study

The Bushwick Community Plan is a coordinated, collaborative planning effort of community residents, stakeholders, City Council Members Reynoso and Espinal, and City agencies to promote a thriving and inclusive neighborhood with strategies for affordable housing, economic development, community resources and land use and zoning changes.

Recent Trends

Bushwick has undergone significant changes in recent years with new buildings being built at a rapid pace and rents rising quickly. Meanwhile, current zoning regulations have remained largely unchanged since 1961 and allow for tall (and out-of-character) buildings to be built in the middle of blocks lined with two-to-three story rowhouses. Current zoning does not distinguish between areas where more substantial development would be appropriate and areas with a consistent fabric of small rowhouses. Current zoning also does not include requirements for affordable housing. As a result, Bushwick has seen the haphazard construction of many new market-rate residential buildings in recent years and only minimal affordable housing development on a few remaining City-owned sites or in areas recently rezoned with incentives for the inclusion of low-income housing.

Locator Map

The Bushwick Community Plan has grown out of a community planning process spearheaded in 2014 by Brooklyn Community Board 4 jointly with Council Members Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal in response to concerns about new out-of-character development in the neighborhood. The Council Members invited residents to create a vision for Bushwick’s future at a series of visioning town hall meetings and zoning workshops in 2014-2016. This process identified priority issues, including: affordable housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, neighborhood character, economic development, and public health and safety. A Steering Committee of local stakeholders was established to delve deeper into the ideas shared by Bushwick residents and help design and lead the planning process.

Building on the 2014-2016 community planning process, the Bushwick Steering Committee, Council Members Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal, and City agencies, led by the Department of City Planning, are working together with community residents and stakeholders to:

  • Plan thoughtfully about how and where development should happen;
  • Create and preserve housing that is affordable to low-income New Yorkers;
  • Maintain Bushwick’s character and allow for growth in appropriate locations;
  • Increase opportunities for small businesses to grow and locate in Bushwick;
  • Identify open space, infrastructure, transportation, and other neighborhood needs and opportunities for improvements.

Community engagement is key to the development and implementation of the Bushwick Community Plan. There are many opportunities to get involved throughout the planning process as DCP along with other City agencies, Council Members Espinal and Reynoso, and the Bushwick Steering Committee hold town halls, workshops, and stakeholder meetings.

The Steering Committee for the Bushwick Community Plan includes representatives from Bushwick’s many community-based organizations, members of Community Board 4, local homeowners, business owners, and interested residents. The Steering Committee is organized into six Sub-Committees:

  • Land Use & Zoning;
  • Housing;
  • Economic Development;
  • Community Health & Resources;
  • Open Space; and
  • Transportation & Infrastructure.

These groups work directly with City agencies, including the Departments of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD), Parks and Recreation (DPR), Transportation (DOT), Small Business Services (SBS), Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and more.

All are welcome and encouraged to participate by joining a sub-committee, attending upcoming Town Halls and public workshops, and contacting us with your ideas. Sign up for our email list or visit the Get Involved page to receive regular updates and information about upcoming events.

For more information about the Bushwick Community Plan and the Steering Committee, check New York City Council’s webpage.

Open House - Kids Table
Open House - Land Use Station
Open House - Steering Committee

We welcome your comments, ideas, and questions about the Bushwick Community Plan. Please use the feedback form to ask questions and share your ideas.

To contact the Dept. of City Planning for more information, or to request a small group meeting, reach out to the DCP Brooklyn Office at 1-718-780-8280 or