DRIE Forms

Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Forms

2018 DRIE forms will be available shortly. Applicants can submit 2017 forms for 2018 benefits until the 2018 forms become available.

New forms feature an eligibility checklist, income worksheet, application, and frequently asked questions. You have the option to download the entire packet (recommended) or simply the application pieces you need.  Larger print versions are also available for your convenience.

The 2017 forms are available for applicants applying between January 6, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

Important: Tenants/applicants who were unable to renew their Rent Freeze benefit because they needed more time to file due to a disability or physical or mental impairment, should submit either an "Application for Additional Time to Renew Lapsed Benefit" or an "Application for Additional Time to Renew Expired Benefit" which was mailed to them. Applications are also available at the NYC Department of Finance SCRIE/DRIE Walk-In Center located at 66 John Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10038 and NYC Department of Finance business centers.

If you need help accessing Department of Finance (DOF) programs and services or need more time because of a disability or physical or mental impairment, you can request additional time to file or obtain other assistance.

To request more time or other assistance, you may call 311, write to DOF, visit the Rent Freeze Program Office at 66 John Street, 3rd Floor, New York, N.Y., Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or complete a "Request for an Extension of Time Due to a Disability or Physical or Mental Impairment." This form is also available by contacting 311. You may need to submit medical documentation supporting your request.

If an extension of time or other request for assistance is approved, you will need to submit all renewal documents and meet all of the program's eligibility requirements.

Redesigned Rent Stabilized Renewal, Rent Controlled Renewal, Mitchell-Lama and Rent Demand Renewal applications are also now available. For tenants whose benefits will be expiring soon, you will continue to receive the pre-populated renewal applications via US mail approximately 60 days prior to your benefit end date. Utilize the generic renewal applications available on this page only if you have not received or lost the one sent in the mail.

Note: Please discard all older versions of the initial, renewal, and benefit takeover applications as they will not be accepted for processing past January 5, 2017. All applicants submitting older versions of the forms past January 5, 2017, will be required to re-submit the new version to complete their application.

Documents on this page are provided in pdf format.  Translated versions coming soon.

It is now easier than ever for longtime Rent Freeze program participants to renew their benefits. If you have been approved for DRIE for at least five consecutive years, you may submit a short-form

DRIE Renewal Application
Translations coming soon.

  • Apartment Benefit Transfer Application - Use this form if you have moved into another rent regulated apartment, room or hotel unit and would like to transfer your DRIE benefit
  • Appeal Application - Use this form to appeal a decision made by DRIE.
  • Benefit Takeover Application (Fill-in form only) - Use this form to apply for a takeover of the DRIE benefit from a current DRIE beneficiary who has permanently left the household (Moved, passed away, permanently placed in a nursing home, etc.). You must submit this application within six (6) months of the DRIE beneficiary’s death or permanent move or within ninety (90) days of date of the tenant deceased notice from NYC Department of Finance, whichever is later. Large Print Benefit Takeover Application
  • Certification of No Renewal Lease Form - Use this form in lieu of a lease if you have made several attempts to obtain a signed lease from your landlord and still have not received one.
  • Redetermination Application - Use this form to apply for a redetermination of your DRIE frozen rent amount if you had a permanent loss of 20% or more of your household income since your last approved application.
  • SCRIE/DRIE Tenant Representative Opt-Out Form - Use this form if you are a current tenant representative and no longer want to receive notifications regarding a SCRIE or DRIE tenant’s benefit.
  • SCRIE <--> DRIE Transfer Application - Use this form to transfer from the SCRIE to DRIE program or DRIE to SCRIE program. A SCRIE <-> DRIE transfer cannot be granted if the application is received more than 6 months after the original benefit expires.
  • Tax Abatement Credit (TAC) Adjustment Application for Tenants - Use this form if you are presently receiving a DRIE benefit and wish to apply for an adjustment to the TAC amount due to a Maximum Collectible Rent (MCR) increase, fuel cost adjustment, MCI increase, J-51 reduction or a rent discrepancy (i.e. Casado v. Markus, lease adjustment, preferential rent, etc.)