Avenue NYC

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Avenue NYC grants strengthen community-based development organizations (CBDOs) to carry out commercial revitalization programs in low- and moderate-income communities.

Who Can Apply

  • Nonprofit community-based organizations (BIDs, local development corporations, merchants associations, and other organizations) operating in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods within the five boroughs of New York City;
  • Nonprofit organizations incorporated in New York State;
  • Organizations compliant with annual State and Federal filing requirements.


What Avenue NYC Funds

In City Fiscal Year 2019 (CFY19), the program will include:

  1. Larger, multi-year grants [up to $100,000 per year over three years; maximum possible award = $300,000];
  2. Funding for a full-time program manager;
  3. In-depth group trainings for grantees.

This new structure will help grantees better understand neighborhood needs and develop impactful longer-term projects.

View the complete Program Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.


How to Apply

Applications for Avenue NYC CFY19 are closed. Organizations that submitted complete applications by the March 11th deadline will receive notification of their award status in mid- to late-April.


City Fiscal Year 2018 Grantees Only

We are proud to fund strategic commercial revitalization initiatives in five project categories through the Avenue NYC Grant Program in City Fiscal Year 2018.

View the CFY18 Avenue NYC Award Summary.

Project scoping has concluded for City Fiscal Year 2018. Please check back for when the grant program reopens.

Scoping Proposal Template

Project scoping has concluded for City Fiscal Year 2018. Please check back for when the grant program reopens.

Small Business Services (SBS) has transitioned the CFY 18 Avenue NYC contracts into the HHS Accelerator Financials system to manage contract budgets, invoices, and payments.  We believe utilizing HHS Accelerator Financials will benefit our contracted community-based organizations in many ways, including a more efficient budget review and approval process, submission of program expense reimbursements, and tracking of expenditures to budget information.  Payment Requests are due on the 15th of every month (or next business day when falling on a holiday or weekend), beginning in August with the July Payment Request. If your organization does not incur program expenses in a particular month, you must clearly indicate this information in the comments section of the next month’s invoice. . For details on the required documents for payment requests, please contact your contract manager. See below for links to the required documents and instructions on what to submit.

Organizations receiving grants over $25,000.01 must submit:
  • Monthly Expense Workbook - This workbook contains the Invoce Cover Page, Reconciliation Form, and Adjustment Worksheet
  • General Ledger
  • Timesheets for program personnel – use the first and second tabs of the excel document for the month of July. Use the second tab only when documenting program personnel expenses for the months of August 2017 through June 2018.
  • Reconciliation Form - use only if expenses on general ledger do not match expenses listed on the certified financial statement of actual expenditures.

Consult your contract manager first if you need to modify your budget. To initiate the process, you must complete the Budget Modification Form and submit to your contract manager with a written justification for the modification (sending an email is sufficient).You must receive the signed and approved budget modification form from your contract manager before executing the budget modification. Once the modification has been approved, you can incorporate the modifications into your payment requests via the Certified Financial Statement of Actual Expenditures. Keep the approved budget modification form for your records in the event of an audit. No budget modifications will be allowed after April 30, 2018.

Quarterly Reports are the formal method used to document and evaluate an organization's project execution throughout a fiscal year. When completing the document, only report on work completed within the designated quarter, as each report is a snapshot of work completed within a specific timeframe rather than a cumulative summary of all work completed to date. Please provide as much detail as possible and complete all relevant sections. CFY 18 Quarterly Report is provided in the link below:

Quarterly Report Template

Quarterly reports are due by COB on the following dates: 
Quarter 1 Report - Due November 3, 2017 
Quarter 2 Report - Due January 22, 2018 
Quarter 3 Report - Due April 20, 2018 
Quarter 4 Report - Due July 16, 2018

Contact us for more information.