1. CHOOSE A BUSINESS STRUCTURE You can choose sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company. A lawyer can give you advice about which is best for your business.

2. NAME YOUR BUSINESS You can search registered trademarks online to see if your preferred name is in use. When you’ve gotten your name and chosen a location in NYC, you can get a .nyc web address.

3. FORM YOUR BUSINESS You will file paperwork to register your business as a legal entity.  A lawyer can help navigate what and where to file.

4. ENTER INTO AN AGREEMENT It’s a good idea to have an agreement that specifies what roles, responsibilities, and rights each owner has in the business.  A lawyer can advise you about the best structure.

5. OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT You will open a business bank account.  A financial advisor can help you in choosing a bank and the right type of account.

6. GET ANY LICENSES AND PERMITS Some startups may require further licenses and permits.  A lawyer will be able to advise you which ones your business needs. 

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