About Thrive Learning Center

Thrive Learning Center (Thrive LC) is a free, easy-to-use online learning tool and skill-building resource created to help Learners – leaders, staff and volunteers of community and faith-based organizations, trusted social organizations and sources – to better meet their community's mental health needs. Despite not being a mental health professional, by virtue of these roles, you are often who people trust and turn to for help or advice.  In this way you become a "community partner."

In the spring of 2016, ThriveNYC met with leaders of New York City faith-and community-based organizations to identify the kinds of information and skills they felt they could use to help address the mental health problems that were often brought to them by people in their neighborhoods. This free, universally available web-based learning center is a direct result of those meetings.

Thrive LC's library of downloadable resources and self-directed training opportunities offer practical and effective tools to improve Learners' interactions with people in their community. The Thrive LC provides a breadth and depth of mental health educational components that enable users to self-tailor what they learn and use: