Thrive Learning Center

Thrive Learning Center

As a community partner, you can provide a safe space for community members to discuss problems like stress, anxiety, depression or substance misuse. Thrive LC's growing library of self-directed training opportunities and resources provide you with the information and tools to effectively help others. Thrive LC offers many ways to learn - from written handouts to brief courses - with new options added regularly.

In-depth Learning Modules

Self-learning modules are learner-directed video trainings in evidence-based skills with accompanying toolkit summaries, and will be provided in two phased levels of intensity.

Knowledge Building - Skill level that focuses on independent learning to increase understanding and awareness of mental health

Self Care Stress Management

Advanced Skill Building - Skill level that encourages partnering with a behavioral health coach

Problem Solving Skills (Coming 2018)

Be sure to check back as new material will be added periodically.

In-person Training