Vision Zero Scorecard

The Vision Zero Action Plan was released in 2014 and outlined 63 separate initiatives that the Mayor's Office and a number of City Agencies are undertaking to reduce death and serious injury on our streets. Since then, the Vision Zero Task Force has added an additional 88 new initiatives (40 new initiatives were introduced in 2015, 22 were added in 2016 and 26 in 2017 ) for a total of 151 initiatives.

The status of each initiative is listed below and City Agencies continue to make progress towards completion. The list below is up to date as of 11/30/17.

To review progress on prior years initiatives please see the Vision Zero Scorecard archives.

Year Four Initiatives

ID# Agency Initiative Name Status
4.1 DOT Make high-visibility crosswalks the standard crosswalk citywide Complete and Ongoing
4.2 DOT Accelerate the replacement cycle for street markings Complete and Ongoing
4.3 DOT Install left-turn traffic calming upgrades to at least 100 additional intersections In progress
4.4 DOT Make upgrades to at least 20 key cycling intersections within the bike network In progress
4.5 DOT Commence lighting upgrades at 1,000 intersections In progress
4.6 DOT Continue to pilot raised crosswalks In progress
4.7 DOT Install first neighborhood traffic circle pilots In progress
4.8 DOT Evaluate use of new sensors and data analytics systems for traffic safety purposes In progress
4.9 NYPD Apply precision policing principals to maximize efficiencies in deployment In progress
4.10 NYPD Continue to conduct safe cycle initiatives in the effort to reduce bicyclist fatalities In progress
4.11 NYPD Ensure school crossing guards at every post with the addition of 100 new crossing guard supervisors and a mobile replacement squad In progress
4.12 NYPD Add 120 new speed guns to local precincts, increasing speed enforcement capability by 50% In progress
4.13 DCAS Continue vehicular safety optimizations through Safe Fleet Transition Plan In progress
4.14 DCAS Partner with DOE/DOT to incorporate Vision Zero safety training into high school curriculum In progress
4.15 DCAS Implement Phase-2 of truck side-guard installation In progress
4.16 DCAS Pilot real-time speed and safety tracking In progress
4.17 DCAS Enhance and expand defensive driving training In progress
4.18 TLC Implement new fatigued driving prevention rules and educate drivers on framework and fatigue risks In progress
4.19 TLC Expand public outreach, official vehicle markings, and enforcement to reduce the prevalence of illegal vans In progress
4.20 TLC Hold focus groups with TLC Safety Honor Roll members to determine effective safety messaging In progress
4.21 TLC Promote discussion and research on the traffic safety issues related to automated vehicles In progress
4.22 DOHMH Disseminate findings from data set linking collision and hospitalization data In progress
4.23 DOHMH Convene external research partners to promote cross-disciplinary data sharing and collaboration In progress
4.25 DA Resolve legal challenges to Administrative Code 19-190 In progress
4.26 DA Ensure precise and efficient ignition interlock monitoring in New York City In progress