Current Programs

Through its extensive partner network, YMI develops and supports programs that holistically invest in the future of young men of color throughout the city. Our current programs include:

AIM: Advocate, Intervene, Mentor

AIM is a one-on-one mentoring program for young probationers. AIM pairs these young adults and their families with an adult advocate. The advocate provides intensive mentoring and also connects the young adult and his or her family back to school and to other resources.

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Arches-Transformative Mentoring

Arches is a group-mentoring program for the young probationers. The program supports young adults as they go back to school and re-enter the job market. Through Arches, young adults meet regularly for six months with a group of other teens, adult mentors and, probation officers.

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Cornerstone Mentoring

Cornerstone Mentoring helps students move from elementary school to middle school and from middle school to high school. Participants meet every week to do activities and have group conversations. Every group also does at least one community service project together.

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CUNY Fatherhood Academy

YMI and CUNY have teamed up to start a new program to help dads finish school and plan for college. The CUNY Fatherhood Academy is a men-only program that provides fathers with:

  • Parenting classes
  • English and math classes and GED prep
  • Job training

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LaGuardia Community College
Hostos Community College
Kingsborough Community College


ECHOES is a program for teenagers in the Family Court. Through ECHOES, young people will stay in their communities and meet four times a week with their probation officers,. The probation officers will serve as life coaches and help their probationers learn stronger social and emotional skills. ECHOES will also work with a community organization to help young people prepare for entering the job market.

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Health and Hospitals Corporation Teen Health Program --> Teen Health Improvement Program (THIP)

The Health and Hospitals Corporation will better train health care practitioners and revamp its clinics to better handle the needs of young people. As part of YMI, HHC will:

  • Maintain, promote and improve overall health of young people
  • Focus on reproductive health
  • Offer men-only clinic hours
  • Create clinics that are more male-friendly by creating physical spaces that appeal to boys and by training practitioners to work specifically with the male black and Latino population
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IMPACT: Improving My Progress at College Today

IMPACT helps young men and women studying for their GED meet college students, who mentor and support them as they prepare for the test. After the test, mentors help students apply for college, financial aid, and classes. All the students continue to help each other in college with check-ins, workshops, and counseling.

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Jobs- Plus is a program based at New York City Housing Authority sites and is open to any resident old enough to work. Jobs-Plus offers:

  • Activities in which neighbors support each other in finding work
  • Assistance with keeping more earnings instead of paying higher rent
  • Access to additional jobs-related services
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Justice Community

Justice Community is a program for young adults involved in the criminal justice system. The program brings people together on projects to benefit their communities. It is also flexible, providing each participant with support towards his or her educational and career goals.

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Justice Scholars

Justice Scholars is an education program for young adults who are involved in the criminal justice system. Participating scholars receive support as they continue in school and plan for the future. The program provides specialized attention, including counseling, to each scholar.

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Mentoring Initiative

The YMI mentoring initiative expands mentorship opportunities for high school age youth in YMI priority communities. In partnership with NYC Service, the Young Men’s Initiative has launched the Mentor Corps to make connections with local school- and community-based mentoring efforts and build their capacity by developing localized mentor recruitment strategies and supports. The initiative also builds on YMI’s existing portfolio of mentoring programs and includes an expansion of Cornerstone Mentoring to serve high school youth.

NYC Cure Violence

In 2012 NYC had the lowest number of murders in decades, but some of our neighborhoods are still plagued by cycles of violence. NYC Cure Violence is based on a Chicago program that helped communities break these cycles and connect at-risk young people with supportive services. NYC Cure Violence is fielding outreach workers and violence interrupters in five neighborhoods around the City: the South Bronx, South Jamaica, Crown Heights, East New York, and Central Harlem.

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NYC Justice Corps

NYC Justice Corps is a program that helps young people involved with the criminal justice system work together on projects that serve the community. NYC Justice Corp projects teach teamwork and leadership. Once Corps members have completed their service projects, they have access to paid internships. They also have access to job coaching and on-going support through an alumni network as they re-enter the work force.

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NYC Men Teach

NYC Men Teach is an engagement and recruitment effort aimed to inspire more men of color to become teachers in New York City. In partnership with the Department of Education, City University of New York and Teach for America, NYC Men Teach provides student support and counseling; various professional supports, including cohort activities and a mentoring network; and the Principals Network to implement best practices that promote differentiated teacher supports in the workplace.

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Pathways to Excellence, Achievement, & Knowledge (PEAK)

PEAK is an education-focused alternative to placement program for high-risk young people. DOP has partnered with two local high schools and two non-profit organizations to provide an intensive program that provides participants with day-long, year-round support.

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Reading Rescue

Reading Rescue is an evidence-based professional development program and tutoring intervention. In partnership with the Department of Education and The Literacy Trust, Inc., Reading Rescue builds school capacity to deliver tutoring services to 1st and 2nd grade students who struggle with reading. The program provides robust training and ongoing coaching to teachers and school staff to provide one-on-one tutoring that helps students achieve grade-level literacy during the critical early years.

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Young Adult Internship Program

The Young Adult Internship Program connects teens and young adults with:

  • Twelve week paid internships
  • Job placement services
  • Education or advanced training

Youth who are not in school and not working can also access additional services.

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Young Adult Literacy Program

The Young Adult Literacy Program runs reading and math classes for teens and young adults who are not ready yet to take the GED. The program connects them to work training, paid internships and other services.

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