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January 2015

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The Year in Buildings

With Mayor Bill de Blasio's appointment of our new Commissioner, Rick D. Chandler, PE, and the launch of our 2014 NYC Construction Codes and 2014 NYC Energy Conservation Code, 2014 was a productive year for the Department of Buildings. Plus, an overall increase in New Building and alterations permits in 2014 ― including an 8 percent jump in New Building permits ― forecasts an increase in construction activity in 2015.

This edition of Buildings News reviews changes in our services and requirements and consolidates the Buildings Bulletins and service notices we issued in 2014.

We look forward to working with you in 2015 ― and stay safe!

NYC 2014 Construction Codes

Department experts gave presentations across the City and created learning materials to help members of the construction industry become proficient in the 2014 NYC Construction Codes.

Code Resources
Code Training Presentations
Highlights of Key Changes
Chapter 33 Comparison ― 2008 + 2014 Codes
PW1 User Guide ― Updated
Code-Required Certification ― Adhesive Anchors
2014 NYC Construction Codes ― Online

Changes in Notice Requirements
Special Inspections for Demolitions
Mechanical Equipment Permits in Demolitions
Required Demolition Document Submittals
Demolition Submittal Document Requirements ― Exemptions

Suspended Scaffolds + Sidewalk Sheds
Sidewalk Shed Placement
Suspended Scaffold Installations and Removals
Supervision of Suspended Scaffold Use
Pre-Shift Inspections for Suspended Scaffolds
Suspended Scaffold Installation Inspections
Supervision of Suspended Scaffold Installation + Removal

Rigging Supervision

Site Safety
Accidents + Incidents
Suspended Scaffolds

Special Inspections + Special Inspection Agencies (SIA)
Many SIA registrations will be expiring in 2015; please check your registration date to determine when registration renewal is required.

Registration Overview and Service Notice
Approved Accrediting Organizations
New Requirements ― Buildings Bulletin 2014-017
Class Registration Structure ― 1 RCNY 101-06(C)(2)(ii)
SIA Audits ― 1 RCNY 101-06 (C)(7)
TR1 Form ― Updated
SIA1 Form ― Updated
SIA1 Registration Cover Letter

2014 NYC Energy Conservation Code

Energy Code ― Overview + Code
How the Effective Date Affects Filings
Energy Code Compliance Reviews

Code Notes

We unveiled Code Notes, an online tool to help industry members and property owners navigate the permit approval process. These 15, project-specific guides outline the requirements to obtain permits.


One-Way Emergency Voice Communications + Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

Insurance + Indemnification

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Electricians, HMOs + Riggers

Special Flood Areas

Retaining Walls

Structurally Compromised Buildings

Course Providers

Energy Auditor Retro-commissioning Agent Registration Fees

Boiler Inspection Amendment

Other Resources

More Buildings Rules

NYC Public Hearings

Submit a Question or Comment


Service Updates


Cleaner-Burning Fuel Oil

Inspections Reports

Job Stickers

Complete Drawings + Plan Guidelines

Expanded to All Offices


Raising or Moving a Building
Sprinklers + Standpipes

Cranes + Derricks

Protocol Reminder

Customer Service Tickets
Central Inspections Transactions


Pre-Demolition Inspections
Inspection + Sign-Off Requests

Electrical Advisory Board

Review Process


Personnel Hoist Filings

Inspection + Test Requirements

Report Deadline Extended

Environmental Restrictions
BIS Required Items

Fee Exemptions
APPN 1/93 Superseded

Filing Representatives

Training Course Extension


Concrete Safety Managers



Filing Representatives


Oil Burner Equipment

Rigger/Sign Hanger Foreman

Online Payments
eChecks + Credit Cards

Site Safety in Winter
Safety Guidelines
Sign up for Weather Advisories

Site Safety Managers + Site Safety Coordinators
Notification Requirements

Structurally Compromised Buildings
Inspections + Reporting

Sustainability: Energy Efficiency Reports

Filing Deadline
Filing Extension
Filing Deferral
Approved Agents
Notices of Violation

Buildings Bulletins

2014-028: Equipment under BC §3001.9 (related to 2012-001)

2014-027: Fee exemptions; government and non-profit fee exemptions; proof for fee exemptions and deferrals (supersedes APPN 1/93)

2014-026: Applications and C of Os for tax lots subject to environmental requirements of an (E) designation or environmental restrictive declaration (supersedes OPPNs 1/03 and 2/05)

2014-025: Conditions triggering BSA-approval requirement for buildings on unmapped streets

2014-024: Rescinds  Bulletins, TPPNs, Directive, and Memos no longer applicable under any code

2014-023: Rescinds Bulletins and TPPNs not applicable to projects filed under the 2014 Codes

2014-022: Porcelain tile ventilated façade systems

2014-021: Bolted fiberglass-reinforced plastic panel-type tanks for water storage (bolted FRP panel tanks)

2014-020: Helical pile foundation systems (supersedes 2014-014)

2014-019: Post-installed screw anchors installed in hardened concrete (supersedes 2014-013)

2014-018: Post-installed expansion, undercut and adhesive anchors installed in concrete elements (supersedes 2014-012)

2014-017: Special Inspection requirements under the 2008 and 2014 Codes (supersedes 2014-009)

2014-016: Tension stresses in wood parallel to the grain (supersedes 2014-008)

2014-015: 2008 or 2014 Codes in new buildings, alterations, partial demolitions and full demolitions, including Chapter 33 (Safeguards During Construction or Demolition) (supersedes 2014-006)

2014-011: Direct-fired, outdoor, non-re-circulating construction heaters

2014-010: Flexible fuel-oil piping systems (supersedes 2012-10 and 2013-008)

2014-07: Smoke alarms under LL 112/13

2014-03: Inspecting, monitoring and certifying modular units

2014-02: Corrugated polypropylene piping and fittings for storm sewer pipes (alternative to Code-prescribed polyethylene piping and fittings)

2014-01: Privately owned, mapped streets and zoning

All Buildings Bulletins

Bill de Blasio Mayor

Rick D. Chandler, PE Commissioner

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