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March 3, 2021


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New Permit Restrictions for Multiple Dwellings with Excessive Open Violations

As mandated by Local Law 104 of 2019, the Department of Buildings is placing new restrictions on the issuance of new permits for property owners with high ratios of DOB and HPD-issued violations.

Starting March 4, 2021, the Department will deny applications for initial work permits in the Buildings Information System (BIS) for multiple dwellings with the following ratios of open hazardous or immediately hazardous Housing Maintenance Code violations and/or open immediately hazardous or major Construction Code violations to residential dwelling units:

  • Buildings with 35 or more dwelling units and two (2) or more violations for every unit;

  • Buildings with fewer than 35 dwelling units and three (3) or more violations for every unit.

DOB will compile a list of multiple dwellings in NYC with these ratios. Buildings on this list will be prevented from obtaining new permits until violations are resolved or cleared.

The permit restriction will apply if the violations were issued on or after January 4, 2020 – the effective date of Local Law 104. Exceptions may apply in situations where permits are necessary to correct a violation or other select circumstances. Please read the full Service Notice for more information. Also see the Press Release.

Register Today for DOB's Free Webinar on March 4th: A Property Owner's Guide to Resolving an OATH Summons

We're excited to announce the launch of DOB Examiners, a live webinar series where you'll learn directly from our experts on how to successfully work with DOB to keep building safely.

On Thursday, March 4th at 6PM ET, we'll kick off the series with A Property Owner's Guide to Resolving an OATH Summons. The 90-minute live webinar and Q&A will explain everything you need to know about what an OATH Summons is, what it means for you as a homeowner, and how to successfully resolve one.

Register today to follow along as our Executive Director of Administrative Enforcement walks attendees through every step of the resolution process and answers their questions along the way.

RSVP: DOB Examiners: A Property Owner's Guide to Resolving an OATH Summons

We hope to see you there!

Melanie E. La Rocca Commissioner

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