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March 10, 2021


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NEW Buildings Bulletin: Code Requirements for Visible Occupant
Notification Appliances

The Department has issued a new Buildings Bulletin that clarifies the visible occupant notification appliances requirements in Section of NFPA 720, and fire markings requirements for notification appliances in Section of NFPA 720.

For more details on the requirements, please read Buildings Bulletin 2021-002.

You can also read our Bulletin Highlights.

For questions on the requirements, you may contact us at

Read the latest Buildings Bulletin and Bulletin Highlights for:

  • A Definition of Visible Notification Appliances

  • Clarification of Visible Occupant Notification Appliances Requirements

  • Clarification of Notification Appliances Fire Marking Requirements

For access to this information, click on the links below. For past Buildings Bulletins, please visit our Buildings Bulletin page.

Permit Denials for Property Owners with $25,000 or More Owed to the City of New York

As of March 1, 2021, as required by Local Law 160 of 2017, the Department will deny New Building and Alteration-CO permits in DOB NOW if $25,000 or more in covered arrears is owed to New York City with respect to the property for which the permit is being sought, or the owners of the property together owe $25,000 or more in covered arrears to the City. Please read our Service Notice.

What are Covered Arrears?
"Covered arrears" may include any of the following that are not currently in the appeals process:

  • Unpaid fines, civil penalties, or judgments entered by a court or OATH, resulting from violations issued by DOB; and

  • Unpaid and past due fees or other charges assessed by DOB.

Owner's Attestation Requirement
Owners will have to answer the following two questions in the Owner's Attestation on Plan/Work (PW1) applications in DOB NOW: Build:

  • Are $25,000 or more in covered arrears, that are not currently in the appeals process, owed to the City with respect to the property for which the permit is being sought?

  • Do the owners of the property owe, in aggregate, $25,000 or more in covered arrears to the City?

Owners who answer 'Yes' to one or both of the questions will not be allowed to request a permit in DOB NOW: Build for a New Building or Alteration-CO filing unless they certify that one of the exceptions listed in Local Law 160 of 2017 applies.

For DOB NOW inquiries or support, please use the DOB NOW Help Form at

Melanie E. La Rocca Commissioner

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