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March 2016

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Build Safe │ Live Safe - Classes Announced!

The Department’s 2016 Build Safe│Live Safe Conference is Wednesday, May 4th. In this daylong series of seminars, Department experts will discuss industry trends and highlight safe construction operations and up to 4.0 Professional credits available!

Professional credits include:

  • Protection of Existing Buildings during Construction: 1.50 LU/HSW

  • Building Safe: Common Safety Violations in Excavation, Superstructure, and Scaffolding Work: 1.25 LU/HSW

  • Safety Considerations for Renewable Energy Systems: 1.25 LU/HSW

  • Concrete and Formwork in New York City: 1.25 LU/HSW

  • Planning for Safety: Common Errors and Omissions in Site Safety,

  • Support of Excavation, and Demolition Plan Submissions: 1.25 LU/HSW

  • Cranes, Hoists, and Elevators Safety: 1.25 LU/HSW

  • Facades and Retaining Walls: 1.25 LU/HSW

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Modified Crane Regulations

Highlights include:

  • Wind protocol for crawler cranes

  • Notification to the Department prior to certain crawler crane actions

  • On-site Application (CN) plans

  • Record of securing the crawler crane

Read the Commissioner's Order

Code Notes

Code Notes is a reference tool to assist industry members and property owners through the permit approval process. There are currently seventeen Code Notes on our website covering an array of both residential and commercial jobs. Each Code Note explains all the requirements and related reference materials for the construction project.

Antenna Cellular Telecom Alterations (New)

Directive 14 of 1975 Alterations (Updated)

Licensing Updates

Department Approved Courses and Requirements

Master Electricians & Special Electricians

Filing Representative - Class 2 Code & Zoning Representative

Filing Representative Renewal Checklist - Class 1

Filing Representative Renewal Checklist - Class 2

General Contractor Checklist

Reinstatement Checklist

Site Safety Coordinator - Supplemental Investigation Questionnaire

Site Safety Manager - Supplemental Investigation Questionnaire

Site Safety Coordinator & Manager - Experience Verification form

Hoist Machine Operator - Experience Verification form

Private Elevator Inspection Agency Director & Inspector

Special Inspection Agency - Renewal & Cover Sheet, LIC2 forms

Master Plumber - Supplemental Investigation Questionnaire

Master Plumber - How to Become a Licensed Plumber

Website Updates

OTCR - new content added

Outdoor Advertising Companies - List updated

Tenant Protection Plan - New page added

Plain Language Guide to Violations - Six languages added

Plain Language Guide to Certificate of Occupancy - Six languages added

Plain Language Guide to Work Permits - Six languages added

1938 Building Code Digitized

Inspection Ready

Service Level Bulletin

Inspection Ready Resources

March Press Releases

Wind Advisory 03.02.16

Updated Crane Regulations 03.15.16

Wind Advisory 03.28.16

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Current Job Postings

Engineering Trainee

Construction Inspector

Plumbing Inspector

Zoning Specialist

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Service Updates

Weekend Inspection Blitz

Requesting Records from Off-Site Storage
New Hold Policy

Solar Photovoltaic Panel Projects
Sloped Roof Definition Update

Drywell Installation
Advance Notice + Inspection

Local Law 84/2009
DOB Violations

Immediately Hazardous (Class 1) Civil Penalty Violations
New Payment Method

NYC Energy Code Infractions
Issuance of DOB Violations and Stop Work Orders

Limited Alteration Application (LAA)
Intent to Revoke and Revoke Notifications

Plumbing Enforcement
Lifting Advance Notice Failed Spot Check Conditions

Demolition Submittal Document Requirements
Exemption from Plan Submission

Determination Review Requests
CCD1 and ZRD1 Forms Updated

New Enrollment Process

Tenant Protection Plans
New Stand Alone Form

Inspection Ready
Bulk Delegation (New)
Inspection Report Requirements
Building Pavement Plan Signoffs
Cranes and Derricks Certifications
Pre-2014 Elevator Application or Elevator Building Notice
PE/RA Record Access
Crane Owner Update
Owner PW1 Email Updates
PIN Linking Instructions

New Crane Rule
CD1 Form Revised

Solar Photovoltaic Panel Projects
Professional Certification

Buildings Bulletins

2016-005: Establishes acceptance criteria for post-installed anchors in masonry in accordance with the NYC Construction Codes. Supersedes: OTCR/Buildings Bulletins 2015-018 and 2012-007.

2016-004: Clarifies the definition of historic structure for flood zone purposes.

2016-003: Establishes acceptance criteria for grease duct enclosure assemblies.

2016-002: Rescinds Technical Policy and Procedure Notice (TPPN) #5/99 that is no longer applicable under any code.

2016-001: Establishes acceptance criteria for threaded high-strength steel reinforcing bars as alternative materials in the NYC Construction Codes.

All Buildings Bulletins

Hearings + Rules

Construction Superintendents

1 RCNY 3301-02 promotes public safety by requiring construction superintendents to supervise construction on a greater range of jobs. This rule proposes to repeal Chapter 48 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York.

Public Hearing 03.31.16 @ 2pm
280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Special Inspectors and Special Inspection Agencies

1 RCNY 101-06 Amendment & 1 RCNY 101-07 Amendment clarify that special inspectors and special inspection agencies must cooperate with all Department of Buildings investigations, including audit investigations and update reference standards and cross references to align with the 2014 NYC Construction Codes.

Amendment Effective 03.02.16

Tax Abatements for Solar Electric Generating Systems

1 RCNY 105-02 will streamline the application process for tax abatements for solar electric generating systems, especially regarding electrical plans and electrical and construction sign-off.

Public Hearing 04.28.16 @ 10am - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

All Department Rules

Did You Know

In the first quarter of 2016, the Department has issued 409 initial new building permits and 781 initial major alteration permits, a 10.8% and 17.6% increase from 2015.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

photos by samantha modell

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