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April 2016

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Enhanced Oversight of Gas Installations

This summer the Department will launch a new initiative to inspect all gas plumbing jobs prior to allowing service to be turned on. The program will initially be implemented in Manhattan - the borough with the oldest gas infrastructure - and expand Citywide in 2017.

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Engineers Banned for Filing False Statements and Rubber Stamping Plans

On April 27, 2016, the Department revoked the filing privileges of Professional Engineers Ashraf Ali and Yaakov Stern. Investigations uncovered false statements on job applications and the failure of both engineers to follow regulations to safeguard the public.

DOB's enhanced disciplinary enforcement initiative has led to a growing list of construction professionals whose licenses are being suspended or revoked and who are no longer allowed to self-certify jobs with the Department. In April alone several licensees were compelled to voluntarily surrender Professional Certifications and Directive 14 privileges or had them suspended.

“These individuals abused their privileges as licensed engineers, and put expediency and profit ahead of worksite safety. Construction professionals should take note that the Department will continue to crack down on those who cut corners and endanger the public” said Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler.

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No-Penalty Deck and Retaining Wall Inspections

Beginning May 15th, property owners can request a free inspection of decks, porches or retaining walls by calling 311.

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Deck & Porch Tool Kit
Retaining Walls

Code Notes

Code Notes is a reference tool to assist industry members and property owners through the permit approval process. Code Notes explain all the requirements and include related reference materials for the construction projects.

Standpipe Systems (New)

Licensing Updates

Work History for Registration Application - LIC4
Journeyman Plumber/Fire Suppression Piping Installer
Plumber/Fire Suppression Piping Contractor Certificate Renewal
Filing Representative Fee Changes
Filing Representative Registration Renewal - Class 1 & 2
How to Become a Concrete Safety Manager
DOB Approved Courses
Master Plumber/Master Fire Suppression Contractor Changes (email address updated)

Website Updates

The Hub Registration
LAA Permit Information
FISP3 form (updated)
ELV22 form

Inspection Ready

Service Level Bulletin
Inspection Ready Resources (PDF's updated)

April Press Releases

Wind Advisory 04.01.16
Wind Advisory 04.07.16
Enhanced Oversight of Gas Installations 04.12.16
Wind Advisory 04.26.16
Engineers Banned for Filing False Statements 04.26.16
Annual No-Penalty Inspections 04.27.16

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Current Job Postings

Elevator Inspector
Assistant Chief, Cranes & Derricks
Plan Examination Trainee
Build It Back Assistant Chief Plan Examiner

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Service Updates

Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU)
Changes to Services & Service Level Agreements

Re-Inspections for Immediately Hazardous Violations (Class 1)

Gas Authorizations
Moved to Inspection Ready

Filing Representative
3-Year Registration Term

Q-Matic Enhancements
Central Offices

PER11 Pilot Program
Email Submission

Weekend Inspection Blitz

Requesting Records from Off-Site Storage
New Hold Policy

Solar Photovoltaic Panel Projects
Sloped Roof Definition Update

Drywell Installation
Advance Notice + Inspection

Local Law 84/2009
DOB Violations

Immediately Hazardous (Class 1) Civil Penalty Violations
New Payment Method

NYC Energy Code Infractions
Issuance of DOB Violations and Stop Work Orders

Limited Alteration Application (LAA)
Intent to Revoke and Revoke Notifications

Demolition Submittal Document Requirements
Exemption from Plan Submission

Inspection Ready
Bulk Delegation

Buildings Bulletins

2016-006: Clarifies and establishes additional requirements for special inspection agencies reporting inspection discrepancies and hazardous conditions.

2016-007: Rescinds APPN1/05 that is no longer applicable under any code.

2016-008: Clarifies where wheelchair platform lifts may be installed in a prior code building.

2016-009: Rescinds Memorandum 8-31-88 pertaining to Local Law 58 of 1987 that is no longer applicable under the 2014 NYC Building Code.

2016-010: Revises operational procedures for the Professional Certification Program.

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Hearings + Rules


1 RCNY 102-01 (effective 04.15.16), classifies certain violations related to the safe operation of construction equipment.

All Department Rules

Did You Know

DOB's enhanced disciplinary enforcement initiative is part of Building One City, Commissioner Chandler's plan to fundamentally transform the agency in lockstep with the Mayor's goals of an affordable, sustainable and resilient New York.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

photos by samantha modell

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