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COVID-19 Response: Online License Renewal Applications

Beginning Monday, May 4, 2020, applications to renew a license/registration issued by the Department of Buildings can be submitted online at Renewal applications will not be accepted in-person or by mail as of Friday, May 8, 2020.

License/Registration Renewal Applications

Concrete Safety Manager
Construction Superintendent**
Elevator Agency Directors/Inspectors
Filing Representative
High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer
Hoisting Machine Operator

Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor
Master Plumber
Master/Special Rigger
Oil Burner Equipment Installer
Sign Hanger
Site Safety Coordinator/Manager
Tower Crane Rigger

**Renewal Applications for Construction Superintendent can be submitted beginning Tuesday, May 5, 2020

As of Friday, May 8, 2020, renewal applications for the above licenses/registrations can no longer be sent or delivered in person to the Licensing Unit. To submit a license renewal application, use an eFiling account to log into DOB NOW at and select the BIS Options portal. If you need to create an eFiling account, visit An active eFiling account specific to your license number is required. See the below eFiling Account section for more information.

From the DOB NOW BIS portal, select +License Renewal Application. Then select your license type and enter your license number. Enter the required fields, select Save and then in the Documents section, upload the completed applicable forms and any other required documents. After completing the Statements & Signature section and selecting the Pay Now button to process the payment, select the Submit button. The request will not be reviewed by the Licensing Unit until the Submit button is selected and confirmation is given for it to be submitted.

An email notification will be sent to the applicant with the status of the review. If the request is rejected or an eCheck payment is returned, a new request needs to be submitted.

For forms and additional information visit and from the License Types page, select your license type to review the requirements for a renewal application. For further assistance, contact

Continue to submit applications to renew a welder license in DOB NOW: Licensing.

eFiling Account

An active eFiling account specific to your license number is required to log into DOB NOW. New accounts require submission of a completed Authentication Form that needs to be mailed or hand-delivered with a copy of the applicant's driver's license or DOB ID to:

NYC Department of Buildings
eFiling Authentication
280 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York, NY 10007

Your license information will be verified, and your eFiling account will be changed from pending to active status. Once the eFiling account is active, the applicant will then be able to log into DOB NOW to complete a license renewal application.

License Renewal Extension

Licenses/registrations expiring from the beginning of the declaration of the state of emergency through the period of the emergency declaration are extended in accordance with Mayor’s Emergency Executive Order. Affected licenses/registrations will be automatically extended by subsequent orders until the state of emergency in the City of New York is no longer in effect.

Any licensee/registrant who is eligible and can satisfy the requirements for renewal of their license/registration may submit their application for renewal at any time during this period. Following the extension period, licensees/registrants will be subject to all requirements for the renewal of their respective license/registration.

Licensees/registrants must ensure that all required insurances are active during this extension period. Current insurance information can be found in the Buildings Information System (BIS). See Licensing Insurance Guidelines for information about submitting certificates to the Department.

For additional service updates see the DOB COVID-19 Response page.

Melanie E. La Rocca Commissioner

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