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May 2015

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Department of Buildings Releases
Blueprint for Fundamental Transformation

Commissioner Chandler's plan of fundamental reform to enhance public safety, reduce wait times and delays, and modernize all aspects of the agency to meet the needs of a 21st century New York City.

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Commissioner Visits Construction Sites to Promote Safety During Construction Safety Month

"Safety is the Department's highest priority. Following best safeguarding practices at construction sites is everyone's responsibility. Our construction professionals are an integral part of the city's growing economy. That's why we spent the month of May reminding workers practice safety first, because experience is not enough."

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Searchable Licensee Database

Effective June 1st, anyone can search our comprehensive directory of all construction professionals monitored by the Department. Records reveal disciplinary actions against a licensee or if a license was voluntarily surrendered.

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Get Back to Building Extended Through June!

During June, applicants can continue meeting after hours with plan examiners to resolve objections and get their delayed projects to approval. Email for an appointment.

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Technical Job Fair

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
11 Park Place, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10007
10:00AM - 5:00PM
Please send your resume to to register for Job Fair

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Service Updates

Limited Alteration Application (LAA)
Renewals with same BIS Number

Rigging Supervision
Tower Crane Assembly, Jumping or Disassembly

After-Hours Inspections
First Phase

Additional Exit Stairway
Occupant Evacuation Elevator (OEE) Requirements

Electrical Advisory Board
Submission Process

FISP Amnesty Program
Cycle 8 Early Filing for Non-Compliant Owners

Special Inspection Agency
Registration Renewals

Scaffold Safety
Site Safety Inspections for Fašade Alterations

Build It Back Program
Application + Permit Fees Waived

Reinstatement Fees
Expired Plans, Permits & Applications

Violations for Non-compliance

Flood Resistant Construction
RMB Regulations

FISP Cycle 8

Sidewalk Sheds
Notice of Removal

Suspended Scaffolds
Installations and Removals

Buildings Bulletins

2015-015: Establishes acceptance criteria for attendant operated automobile parking lifts.

2015-014: Establishes design and acceptance criteria of externally bonded fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems for structural repair and upgrade of concrete and masonry elements.

2015-013: Establishes acceptance criteria for fire resistive duct assemblies as approved alternative protection.

2015-012: Establishes acceptance criteria for corrugated polypropylene piping and fittings used for storm sewer pipe as an alternative to code prescribed polyethylene piping and fittings.

2015-011: Establishes acceptance criteria for site-specific approval of fuel gas compressors, duct burners and heat recovery steam generators used in cogeneration and Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") projects.

2015-010: Supercedes 2013-013 to clarify special inspection requirements related to raising, lifting, elevating, or moving buildings.

2015-009: Establishes acceptance criteria for recognition of fixed-height, low-profile raised floor systems.

2015-008: Supercedes 2008-007 to set forth procedures and requirements for filing, review, approval and documentation of proposed easement agreements and restrictive declarations.

2015-007: Supercedes BB 2010-008 and establishes acceptance criteria for mechanical tee bolted outlets for hot and cold water supply and distribution.

2015-006: Supercedes BB 2011-007 and establishes additional acceptance criteria for commercial dishwasher with integral gas-fired heating.

2015-005: Supercedes BB 2011-002 and establishes acceptance criteria for the use of mechanical press joint fittings and piping in automatic sprinkler systems.

2015-004: Supercedes BB 2010-030 and establishes acceptance criteria for a hinged plastic no-hub.

2015-003: Supercedes BB 2010-006 and establishes acceptance criteria for pre-combustion, non-additive fuel oil catalyst reformers.

2015-002: Supercedes TPPN 1/07 and clarifies the installation requirements of optional standby power.

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Department Approved Courses

How to Become a Course Provider

Plumber/Fire Suppression Certificate Renewal

Safety Registration Renewal

Class 1 Filing Representative Renewal

Class 2 Filing Representative Renewal

How to Become a NYC Registered Class 1 Filing Representative

How to Become a Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative

Filing Rep Class 1 Renewal Affidavit

ECB Violations

Certifying Correction ECB Violation

ECB Penalty Schedule

ECB Locations & Contact


Recognized Accrediting Bodies

Did You Know?

Public data generated by city agencies and organizations are available at NYC Open Data for public use!

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Bill de Blasio Mayor

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

photos by samantha modell

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