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June 22, 2021


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RSVP Today to Get All of Your Local Law 152 Questions Answered Tomorrow

Local Law 152 of 2016 requires gas piping systems in all buildings, except for most one- or two-family homes, which are classified as occupancy group R-3, to be inspected by a Licensed Master Plumber.

Have questions? Then join us tomorrow evening as we take a close look at what you need to know to make sure you're complying with the law ahead of the June 30 extended deadline for Community Districts 1, 3 and 10 to complete their inspections.

Shawn Jones, Chief Inspector for DOB's Plumbing Unit will explain what the law requires of homeowners and landlords, review the LL152 inspection cycle and share what needs to be done for inspections to be certified complete. Chief Jones will also answer attendees' questions live during the presentation.

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DOB has just launched a new suite of tools to help owners and property managers of buildings that are covered by Local Law 97of 2019 find the resources they need to comply with the law, including a new website, NYC Sustainable Buildings and the NYC Sustainable Buildings newsletter.

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Local Law 97: Adjustments Applications for Excessive Emissions Deadline is June 30, 2021

DOB is currently accepting applications for adjustments to a building's annual emissions limits for calendar years 2024-2029.

If you're planning to submit an adjustment application for excessive emissions due to special circumstance, it must be received on or before June 30, 2021 in DOB NOW: Safety Please read our Service Notice for full details.

Excessive Emissions Due to a Special Circumstance
Buildings with excess emissions at least 40% more than the building's 2024 limit due to special circumstance, pursuant to New York City Administrative Code Section 28-320.8, can submit an adjustment application through the June 30,2021 deadline. The filing fee for these applications is $2,450.

Access to DOB NOW: Safety
To log into DOB NOW all users need an active eFiling account. To create an eFiling account, visit the DOB NOW Registration page at for assistance.

Melanie E. La Rocca Commissioner

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