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DOB NOW: Safety For Boiler Compliance Filings

Friday, July 28th, was the last day that DOB would accept in-person boiler compliance filings for the 2017 inspection cycle. Starting Monday, August 14th, all filings for the 2017 cycle will only be accepted electronically through DOB NOW: Safety. Sign up for DOB NOW by registering in eFiling today.

Boiler Compliance Filing Service Update

DOB NOW: Safety Boiler Resources

DOB NOW: Safety for Boiler Compliance FAQ

No-Penalty Private Elevators Legalization Program

DOB launched its no-penalty legalization program for unregistered private elevators in July, allowing homeowners to request free inspections for any unregistered private device in a residential home, with no risk of receiving violations from the Department. Elevator devices in private homes -- including passenger elevators, dumbwaiters, and stairway chair lifts -- are legally required to be registered with DOB and undergo regular inspections to ensure they are safe to use.

Owners of unregistered elevators who wish to legalize and register their device can email the Department's Elevator Unit at or call (212) 393-2555 to schedule an inspection appointment.

Press Release

Elevator Safety

DOB Guide to Elevators

New Permit Guidance For Enclosed Balconies

DOB has released guidance for both owners and design professionals on permit requirements for enclosed balconies that are more than 40 feet above street level. Check out these summaries to ensure that your balcony enclosure is legal.

Owner's Summary

Design Professional's Summary

Info Sessions For New Job Types in DOB NOW: Build

We are excited to announce that DOB NOW: Build for Antenna and Curb Cut job filings will launch on August 28, 2017, followed by DOB NOW: Build for sidewalk sheds, supported scaffold, fence and sign job filings On October 16, 2017. The online platform allows users to submit filings for these new job types from the comfort of their home or office, while bringing a new level of transparency to the process. Sign up today for one of our DOB NOW: Build information sessions for these job types to learn more about the change.

Sign up For Antenna and Curb Cut Info Sessions

Sign Up For Sidewalk Sheds, Supported Scaffold, Fence, and Sign Info Sessions

Antenna and Curb Cut Service Update

Sidewalk Sheds, Supported Scaffold, Fence, and Sign Service Update

DOB NOW Online Help

Upcoming DOB NOW Webinar Sessions

Can't make it to one of our free in-person info sessions for DOB NOW? Want more information about the coming updates for the online platform? Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars on DOB NOW: Build and DOB NOW: Safety.

DOB NOW: Safety Webinars for Boiler Compliance Filings

DOB NOW: Build Webinars for Sidewalk Sheds, Supported Scaffolding, Sign and Fence Job Filings

DOB NOW: Build Webinars for Antenna and Curb Cut Job Filings

Disciplinary Cases

DOB recently issued 30 failure to safeguard violations at separate construction sites around New York City for conditions that endangered the public and workers. DOB also issued five violations to construction superintendents who failed to carry out their duties.

Following a building collapse due to inadequate structural demolition drawings, and previous non-compliance with Department regulations, DOB referred a Professional Engineer to the NYS Department of Education Office of Professional Discipline. Based on the referral, the NYS Board imposed a 1 year suspension, a 1 year stayed suspension, and a 2 year probation.

DOB recently issued violations to 13 building owners for illegal alterations done without DOB approval. The resulting civil penalties for these violations totaled over $133,000.

Additional Disciplinary Actions & Voluntary Surrenders

Industry Code of Conduct for Construction Professionals


Obtain a Master Plumber License

License Changes: Master Plumber and Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor

Obtain a Class A or B Oil Burner Equipment Installer License

License Renewal: High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer

Obtain a High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License

License Renewal: Elevator Inspector

Obtain a Private Elevator Inspection Agency Director or Co-Director License

Obtain a Private Elevator Inspector Agency License

License Renewal: Elevator Director

License Renewal: Special Sign Hanger

Obtain a Master Sign Hanger License

Obtain a New York City Concrete Safety Manager Registration

LIC41 - Written Examination Application

LIC42 - Practical Examination Application

DPL1 Form - Design Professional / Licensee Seal and Signature Form for DOB NOW

Department Approved Course Providers

Job Postings

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Service Updates

DOB NOW: Inspections
DPL-1 Form

DOB NOW: Inspections
Gas Authorization and Plumbing Sign-off Request Changes

DOB NOW: Inspections
Borough Support Kiosks

DOB NOW: Inspections
Owner Email Updates

DOB NOW: Safety
eFiling: Registration Required to submit Boiler Compliance Filings

DOB NOW: Safety
Boiler Compliance Filings Launch

DOB NOW: Safety
Boiler Compliance Filings Info Sessions

DOB NOW: Build
Antenna and Curb Cut Job Filings Info Sessions

Cranes and Derricks
New and Revised Forms

Cranes and Derricks
Revised Frequent Inspection Requirements

Construction Code Determinations

New Department Form
Borough Intake Form and Electronic Denial Notification Process

Boiler Insurance Agency Inspectors
eFiling: New Enrollment Process

High Pressure Boiler Operators/Stationary Engineers
eFiling: New Enrollment Process

Filing Representatives
eFiling: Registration Changes

Registered Landscape Architects
eFiling: New Enrollment Process

License Applicants and Current Licensees
Fitness Requirements

After-Hours Variance
Application (PW5) Updated

Hearings + Rules

Licensing Requirement Exemptions For Mobile Crane Operators

1 RCNY 3319-01 The Department of Buildings (DOB) is proposing to exempt operators of certain cranes of a limited size and capacity from licensing requirements.

Public hearing: 8/17/17 @ 2pm - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Ballast and Aggregate in Solar Electric Generating Systems

1 RCNY 105-02 The Department of Buildings (DOB) is proposing to amend the rules regarding the use of ballast and aggregate in the installation of a solar electric generating system.

Public hearing: 8/8/17 @ 2pm - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Individual Private On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

1 RCNY 8001-01 The Department of Buildings (DOB) is proposing a new rule to establish the minimum standards, and waivers from such standards, for approval of the design, construction, installation, alteration, maintenance and operation of individual on-site private sewage disposal systems when a permit is also issued for the construction or alteration of a building.

Public hearing: 8/29/17 @ 2pm - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

All Department Rules

2014 Construction Code Updates

Update pages are printable inserts to keep your hard copy Construction Codes up to date.

All update pages for the 2014 NYC Construction Codes.

Code Notes

All Code Notes

Website Updates

Stop Work Orders

DOB Job Application Filings Data

Construction Related Accident Reports

DOB Licensees Data

DOB NOW: Safety For Boiler Compliance Filings Presentation

Local Law 87/09 Information Session Presentation

CCD1 -Construction Code Determination Form

CCD1 and ZRD1 Instructions

Did You Know

DOB is hard at work continually adding new categories for our Project Guidelines series.

We just added Project Guidelines for antennas, curb cuts, public right-of way encroachments, sidewalk cafes and signs, with more categories coming soon.

Owners, design professionals, skilled tradespeople and registrants can use these job requirement overviews and checklists to help them navigate each step of their next project.

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

photos by samantha modell

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