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August 2015

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Cooling Tower Registration - Mandatory for Building Owners

Local Law 77 of 2015 was enacted to track and manage the maintenance of cooling towers, fluid coolers and evaporative condensers in New York City. Building owners are responsible for registering existing equipment by September 17th to avoid violations or penalties.

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Penalty-Free Retaining Wall Inspection Program

Homeowners have the opportunity to have their retaining walls inspected by the Department allowing a grace period to correct violating conditions.

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Annual No-Penalty Deck and Porch Inspection

Through September 4th, property owners can request a free inspection of their decks and porches to ensure they are structurally sound and in compliance with City regulations.

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Cooling Tower Registration

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Blueprint for Fundamental Transformation
Technical Guides to the 2014 NYC Construction Codes

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Department Introduces Code of Conduct for Professionals

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Limited Alteration Application (LAA)
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Buildings Bulletins

2015-022: Establishes acceptance criteria for the use of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) water recycling distribution piping systems as an alternative material in the NYC Construction Codes.

2015-021: Establishes acceptance criteria for above-ground nonmetallic fuel-oil storage tanks as alternative equipment in the NYC Construction Codes.

2015-020: Establishes acceptance criteria for the use of polypropylene ("PP") piping systems and water recycling distribution piping systems as alternative materials in the NYC Construction Codes.

2015-019: Rescinds a number of memos and letters related to Local Law 58/87.

2015-018: Establishes acceptance criteria for post-installed anchors in masonry and supersedes OTCR 2012-007.

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Bill de Blasio, Mayor

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

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