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Local Law 196 Safety Training Outreach Campaign

Reminder: The deadline for Local Law 196 safety training requirements for workers and supervisors is December 1st, 2019. DOB is getting the word out with the latest phase of our outreach campaign, featuring direct outreach to workers on construction sites in all five boroughs, multilingual advertisements in 30 community newspapers, and 1,000 subway ads system-wide.

Press Release

Site Safety Training

Course Provider Map

Site Safety Construction Map

DOB Prohibits Use and Installation of Stand-Off Brackets

The Department has identified the use of a stand-off bracket as a contributing factor in recent suspended scaffolding incidents, and has banned their installation and use in NYC. If a suspended scaffold currently has a stand-off bracket installed, the scaffold should not be used, the bracket must be removed, and the scaffold should be safely reinstalled without the bracket.

Buildings Bulletin 2019-006

Suspended Scaffold Tips

Loft Law Project Guidelines

DOB has released project guidelines to help loft residents, owners, and design professionals navigate the process of converting their buildings to residential dwellings under the New York State Loft Law.

Press Release

Loft Law Project Guidelines

DOB Advises Design Professionals of Rules for Pro-Cert Filings

Local Law 108 of 2019 requires DOB to send annual notifications to Registered Design Professionals, advising them of the grounds for exclusion, suspension or other sanctions for false or non-compliant professionally-certified filings.

Local Law 108 of 2019

Notification Regarding Sanctions for False or Non-Compliant Professionally-Certified Filings

Upcoming Sustainability Requirements for Roofs

Effective November 15, 2019 Local Law 92 of 2019 and Local Law 94 of 2019 require all new buildings to install either a green roof or a solar PV system on 100% of available roofing area, with some exceptions. The Department will be issuing a Buildings Bulletin and Service Notice soon to assist project teams in understanding these laws.


Green Roofs

Solar Panels

Major Disciplinary Cases

  • $193, 500 in total penalties issued to Lian Jie Li, the owner of 150-35 34th Avenue, Queens, for a number of violations, including work without a permit, site-safety issues, and occupancy contrary to the building's Certificate of Occupancy (CO), due to the illegal addition of six SRO units to a legal single-family home.

  • $35,000 in total penalties issued to 30 West 57 St LLC, the owner of 28 West 57th Street, Manhattan, for failure to provide required protection for the public after filing an unsafe Façade Inspection Safety Report.

  • $25,000 in penalties issued to Tracking Number Holder S&E Bridge and Scaffold LLC, for failure to safeguard the public after a pedestrian was injured during removal of a sidewalk shed at 300 Lafayette Street, Manhattan.

  • $17,500 in total penalties issued to Registered General Contractor HY Design & Development LLC, for seven site-safety violations, including lack of required guardrails, improper storage of gas containers, inadequate housekeeping on a construction site located at 45-37 211th Street, Queens.

  • $10,000 in penalties issued to Registered General Contractor Sunny Builders NY Corp., for failure to safeguard the pubic for lack of required pedestrian protections, flag person, and signage, while a boom truck was lifting sheetrock to the fourth floor of a building located at 272 Williams Avenue, Brooklyn.

DOB publishes monthly bulletins detailing the agency's efforts to sanction and deter bad actors in the construction industry. You can find this information posted on the Enforcement Action Bulletin page of our website.

Additional Disciplinary Actions & Voluntary Surrenders

Industry Code of Conduct for Construction Professionals

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2014 Construction Code Updates

Update Page # 76 reflects changes made by Local Law 108 of 2019 (effective 09/06/2019), in relation to expanding sanctions for submission of professionally-certified false or noncompliant building permit applications or plans.

Update pages are printable inserts to keep your hard copy Construction Codes up to date.

All update pages for the 2014 NYC Construction Codes.

Local Laws

Local Law 147 of 2019 (Int. No. 1619) A Local Law to amend the New York City Charter and the Administrative Code of the City of New York in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

Hearings + Rules

1 RCNY 102-01 Amendment of Buildings Penalty Schedule
Promulgated Effective Date 10/20/19

1 RCNY 103-10 Amendment of Rules Regarding the Periodic Inspection of Gas Piping Systems
Promulgated Effective Date 10/23/19

All Department Rules

Buildings Bulletins

2019-007: This bulletin clarifies the applicable zoning use group and limitation when establishing facilities for non-accessory fuel cell systems and battery energy storage systems.

All Buildings Bulletins

Website Updates

Scheduling an Appointment

File a Complaint

Installing a Sign

Owner Notification of Start of Work Form


Department Approved Course Providers

Approved Agencies to Qualify Pipe Welders

Did You Know?

To date, DOB has released nine interactive maps and data reports on topic ranging from our Real-Time Major Construction Map, to the Sidewalk Shed Report. Check out the Data & Reporting section of our website to view our current offerings, and stay tuned for more releases in the coming months!

Melanie E. La Rocca Commissioner

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