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October 2016

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Updated Software Tool For Energy Code Compliance

NYC Buildings partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy to create the newest versions of Commercial Code Compliance (COMcheck) and Residential Code Compliance (REScheck), available for download at the U.S. Department of Energy website. These programs were developed to assist builders, designers, and contractors with making sure that their projects are in compliance with the 2016 New York City Energy Conservation Code.

Updated version of COMcheck & REScheck software

Mayor and FEMA To Revise New York City Flood Maps

Mayor de Blasio and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced an agreement this month to revise New York City’s flood maps. The new maps will provide New Yorkers with more precise current flood risk data, and reflect future conditions that account for climate change. These revisions will help make the City’s coastlines more resilient, while ensuring insurance purchasing requirements are consistent with the risk of a building's proximity to flood zones.

FEMA Press Release

NYC Flood Maps Website

137 New Inspectors Join DOB Ranks

NYC Buildings welcomed 137 new inspectors at our 2016 Inspector Graduation Ceremony earlier this month. Strengthened by intensive classroom work and field training, these inspectors will help the Department promote the safety of everyone who builds, works, and lives in New York City.

NYC Buildings is hiring, and continuing to look for talented construction professionals who are interested in contributing to the safe development of New York City.

DOB Employment Page

Heat Season In New York City

Heat Season in the City occurs every year from the beginning of October through the end of May. During this time, residential building owners are required to provide heat to tenants when the outdoor temperature falls below 55 degrees during the day and below 40 degrees at night. If a landlord fails to provide heat, tenants can report it by calling 311.

Mayor's Press Release

Heat and Hot Water Requirements (NYC Housing Preservation and Development)

Disciplinary Cases

Following a facade failure last year at an Upper West Side building, which resulted in the death of a child, the owner was advised in Manhattan Criminal Court that the City will seek the maximum penalty in the case, including incarceration for the building's principal shareholder.

As a result of a Department audit, two Professional Engineers were found to have filed jobs filed under the Professional Certification program with multiple incidents of non-compliance. Both have surrendered their Professional Certification and Directive 14 privileges.

Additional Disciplinary Actions & Voluntary Surrenders

Industry Code of Conduct for Construction Professionals

Licensing Updates

Form LIC1

Form LIC2

Affidavit: Lost/Stolen License

Deadline For Submitting Extension Requests

License Deactivation

Website Updates

Construction Superintendent page

Retro-Commissioning Extension Requests

Cranes & Derricks Fee Schedule

Borough Management Team

Protocol For Erecting Tower Cranes

DOB NOW: Inspection Service Levels


Service Updates

Construction Trade Licenses
Deactivation Information

2016 New York City Energy Conservation Code
Effective 10.03.16

TR1 Form
Correction in Section 7

DOB NOW: Inspections
(Upcoming Change)

Builder Pavement Plans or Checklist in Lieu of Plans

Permit Fees for New Buildings & Alterations
New Fee Changes Pending System Update

Construction Superintendent
Expanded Scope of Work & Duties

Ambulatory Health Care & Animal Service Facilities
Sprinkler Systems Required

PER 11 Manual Appointment Request Form
Accepted by Email Only

Buildings Bulletins

2016-014: Establishes acceptance criteria for retractable-type horizontal cold aisle containment systems installed in information technology equipment areas.

All Buildings Bulletins

Local Laws

NYC Energy Conservation Code

Local Law 125 of 2016 (effective retroactively 10.03.16), amends the Administrative code of the City of New York, in relation to conforming the New York City Energy Conservation Code to recent amendments to the 2016 New York State Energy Code.

Clean Heating Oil

Local Law 119 of 2016 (effective 10.18.16), amends the Administrative Code of the City of New York, in relation to the use of clean heating oil.

2014 Construction Code Updates

Update Page #16 reflects changes made by Local Law 105 of 2016, Local Law 106 of 2016 & Local Law 107 of 2016 (effective 09.28.16), addressing foldable bicycle access in passenger elevators, bicycle access for elevators in residential buildings & bicycle access in office buildings, respectively.

Update Pages are printable inserts to keep your hard copy Construction Codes up to date.

All Update Pages for the 2014 NYC Construction Codes.

Code Notes

Retail Laundry Facilities

All Code Notes

Hearings + Rules

Construction Superintendents

1 RCNY 102-01 Amendment (effective 10.03.16), adding new infractions and updating two others in relation to responsibilities of construction superintendents.

1 RCNY 104-26 (effective 10/03/16), allows Department of Buildings’ licensees to deactivate their licenses while remaining active in their respective trades.

All Department Rules

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Job Postings

Did You Know

NYC Buildings provides a comprehensive list of Department approved course providers that offer instruction in the areas of Concrete, Cranes & Derricks, Electrical, Plumbing, Site Safety, and Scaffolds. Successful completion of these courses are a requirement for applying and renewing industry licenses, as well as holding certain positions on a construction site.

Visit our website if your organization is interested in being added to our list of Department approved course providers.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

photos by samantha modell

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