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Electrical & Elevator Filings Coming to DOB NOW: Build

Electrical and elevator job filings will launch in DOB NOW: Build in December. This new launch follows last month’s rollout of DOB NOW: Build for sidewalk shed, supported scaffold, fence, and sign job filings. By submitting these jobs online, you can file at a time and place that are convenient for you, rather than having to come to our office. Visit our DOB NOW page to register for upcoming information sessions. You can also learn more about registering in eFiling, a requirement to use DOB NOW: Build. If you have any questions, please feel free to submit an inquiry to DOB NOW Online Help.

Sidewalk Shed, Supported Scaffold, Fence and Sign Filings Service Update

Electrical Job Filings Update

Elevator Job Filings Update

DOB NOW: Build

DOB NOW Public Portal

Important Industry Notice For Crane & Derricks

Hoisting personnel with a crane or derrick is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, personnel riding on structural steel members, formwork, loading platforms, or building cocoon systems that are attached to the load line of a crane or derrick.

Industry Notice

Safeguards During Construction or Demolition

Benchmarking Report Shows Progress on 80x50 Goal

NYC's latest comprehensive analysis on energy and water use in large buildings shows big decreases in greenhouse gas emissions in buildings across the City. Expanded energy benchmarking for buildings in all five boroughs will play a pivotal role in reaching the Mayor's goal of an 80 percent reduction in NYC’s carbon emissions by 2050.

Press Release

Energy and Water Use Report

Information on Benchmarking

Floodplain Management Course Available

DOB will be hosting a four day FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) MI E273 course early next year. Local officials and industry professionals responsible for administrating floodplain management ordinances are encouraged to register for this training by November 20, 2017. The course will focus on the National Flood Insurance Program, and its relationship to floodplain management. Seating is limited, so sign up today. Continuing education credits will be available for certified floodplain managers.

Register For Floodplain Management Course

DOB Inspectors in Puerto Rico

Teams of DOB inspectors spent much of October on the ground in Puerto Rico, working alongside volunteers from NYC and across the USA to help the people of Puerto Rico get back on their feet after Hurricane Maria. They inspected thousands of buildings across the island, using their technical skills and expertise to aid in the recovery effort. Find out how you can help Puerto Rico, and the victims of other recent hurricanes, by visiting the Help Now NYC website.

$200K Settlement For Underpayment of DOB Fees

The New York City Law Department and DOB announced a $200,000 settlement with parties involved in the 2005 renovation of the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea, Manhattan. This case was originally brought to the City's attention by a whistleblower, who helped uncover that the owners, developers and design professionals associated with the renovation illegally underreported the cost of the project, and as a result underpaid permit fees owed to DOB.

Press Release

Disciplinary Cases

DOB recently issued violations and $10,000 fines to four different individuals for failing to carry out their duties as construction superintendents.

A criminal court summons was issued to the owner of a Bronx building for failing to file Local Law 11 façade inspection reports in the last three cycles. As a result of these actions, the Department was able to compel the owner to file the appropriate inspection reports.

A criminal court summons was issued to a Manhattan property owner for failing to comply with numerous DOB orders to remove an illegal sign. After failing to show up at the scheduled hearing, a criminal court judge issued a $25,000 penalty to the owner and a bench warrant for their arrest.

DOB recently issued violations to two locations in Queens and one in Brooklyn for illegal alterations without proper DOB permits. $63,000 in fines were issued to the owners of these properties as a result of these violations.

Additional Disciplinary Actions & Voluntary Surrenders

Industry Code of Conduct for Construction Professionals

Website Updates

DOB NOW: Build Resources for Sidewalk Shed, Supported Scaffold, Fence and Sign Filings

DOB NOW: Build Sidewalk Shed, Supported Scaffolding, Construction Fence and Sign Session Presentation

Site Safety Plans Mandatory on All Work Scopes Requiring a Registered Construction Superintendent Industry Notice

DOB Course Providers List

Top Elevator Offenders


Obtain a: Registered Construction Superintendent Number & Card

Registration Renewal: Construction Superintendent

Obtain a: Master Plumber License

License Renewal: Master Plumber

License Renewal: Elevator Inspector

License Renewal: Elevator Director

Certification Renewal: Site Safety Coordinator

Certification Renewal: Site Safety Manager

License Renewal: Master & Special Electrician

Certificate Renewal: Plumber/Fire Suppression Piping Contractor

License Renewal: Oil Burner Equipment Installer

Obtain a: Master Rigger License

Job Postings

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Service Updates

Elevators and Escalators
Safety Code

Elevator Directors, Co-Directors, and Inspectors
New eFiling Enrollment Process

DOB NOW: Safety
Webinar Sessions for Boiler Compliance Filings

Development Inspections
Units Relocate

Work Without a Permit
Requesting an Override, Reduction or Waiver of Civil Penalties

Local Law 87/09
Process to Comply for New Buildings and Buildings Undergoing Alterations

Administrative Enforcement Unit
Available Services and Service Level Agreements

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone System
Building Enforcement Safety Team Added

Hearings + Rules

Rating for Class B Hoisting Machine Operators

1 RCNY 104-09 The Department of Buildings (DOB) is proposing to amend 1 RCNY 104-09 to add ratings for class B licensed hoisting machine operators.

Public hearing: 11.20.17 @ 10am - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Hoisting Machine Operator Learners and Supervision of Learners

1 RCNY 104-23 The Department of Buildings (DOB) is proposing to establish criteria governing the training of individuals learning to become a hoisting machine operator.

Public hearing: 11.17.17 @ 10am - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Amendment of Qualifications for Energy Auditors and Retro-commissioning Agents

1 RCNY 103-07 (effective 11.13.17) The Department of Buildings (DOB) is amending section 103-07 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York relating to the qualifications for energy auditors and retro-commissioning agents.

Requirements for Cableways used in Construction or Demolition

1 RCNY 3320-01 (effective 11.23.17) This rule establishes requirements for cableways utilized in conjunction with the construction or demolition of a building or structure.

Requirements for the Approval of a Property Tax Abatement Application for the Installation of a Solar Electric Generating System

1 RCNY 105-02 (effective 10.6.17) The Department of Buildings (DOB) is amending section 105-02 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York relating to tax abatements for solar electric generating systems. These amendments modify the prohibition of ballast for grade-level installations and clarify requirements of the New York City Building Code which apply to ballast systems.

Cranes and Derricks

1 RCNY 3319-01 (effective 10.6.17) The amendment addresses the use of mini cranes in the construction industry, which represent a new and evolving class of technology, but do not fit into the current licensing classifications of Article 405, which are predominately geared towards larger cranes.

Individual Private On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

1 RCNY 8001-01 (effective 10.18.17) This rule regulates the design, construction, installation, alteration, maintenance and operation of individual private on-site sewage disposal systems when a permit is also issued for the construction or alteration of a building. This rule also repeals Reference Standard RS-16, Plumbing and Gas Piping, of the appendix to Chapter 1 of Title 27 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York.

Construction Document Approval Requirements For Compliance with the New York City Energy Conservation Code

1 RCNY 5001-01 (effective 10.20.17) This amends the rule implementing the City Energy Code, 1 RCNY 5000-01, to conform to the changes to the City Energy Code in Local Laws 91 and 125. The rule also reflects changes in the State Energy Code regarding specific tests, inspections and code references.

All Department Rules

2014 Construction Code Updates

Update Page #31 reflects changes made by Local Law 196 of 2017 (effective 10.16.17), in relation to construction site safety training and repealing section 3310.10.2 of the New York City Building Code.

Update pages are printable inserts to keep your hard copy Construction Codes up to date.

All update pages for the 2014 NYC Construction Codes.

Local Laws

Illegal Conversions Reporting

Local Law 188 of 2017 (effective 2.13.18) amends the Administrative Code of The City of New York, in relation to reporting on illegal conversions of dwelling units for other than permanent residence purposes.

Construction Site Safety Training

Local Law 196 of 2017 (effective 10.16.17; sec 11 of LL 196/17 is effective 3.1.18) amends the Administrative Code of The City of New York, in relation to in relation to construction site safety training and repealing section 3310.10.2 of the New York city building code.

Buildings Bulletins

2017-010: Establishes acceptance criteria for evaluating Group C (200 ksi tensile strength) high strength structural bolts (referred to as Group C high strength bolts) conforming to ASTM F3043 or F3111 as an alternative material in the NYC Construction Codes.

2017-011: Clarifies the protection requirements for enclosing wiring used in smoke control systems.

2017-012: Allows alternative system to replace existing approved Standpipe Fireline Telephone and Signaling System (SFTSS) installed in prior code buildings.

2017-013: Rescinds 22 Operational Policy and Procedure Notices (OPPNs) that are no longer applicable under any code.

2017-014: Establishes the minimum criteria for a fire engineering analysis with respect to section BC 705.12.

All Buildings Bulletin

Did You Know

NYC's "Heat Season" officially began on October 1st. During the colder months, building owners are legally required to provide heat for their tenants. During "Heat Season", which lasts until May 31st, building owners can face violations and fines from the City if they don't meet legal temperature requirements.

HPD Info on "Heat Season"

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

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