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November 24, 2020


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DOB NOW: Build Major Expansion Coming Soon, Training Available

DOB NOW: Build is undergoing a major upgrade and expansion. Ahead of the upcoming changes, the Department of Buildings will be providing free DOB NOW online training on the new features. If you are a Design Professional, Filing Representative, General Contractor, or other Licensee with a role in the below applications, sign up today for the upcoming training on our DOB NOW Training Page by clicking here. For more information, see the full Service Notice.

New Work Types Coming to DOB NOW: Build

  • General Construction
  • Foundation
  • Earthwork
  • Support of Excavation
  • Protection & Mechanical Method

Other Upcoming Additions: Composite Permits, Site Safety Plans, Tenant Protection Plans, Supersede & Withdrawal of Applicant of Record or Contractor/Licensee, and other new features including improved search function, exporting jobs, and more.

Stay Tuned: More details, including the release dates of coming DOB NOW enhancements, will be provided in future Service Notices.

Register for DOB NOW: Build Access: To log into DOB NOW, all users need an active eFiling account specific to their license type (if applicable). For help creating an eFiling account, please visit the DOB NOW Registration Page.

Help New York City Stop the Spread: Get Tested

Every New Yorker should get tested now, whether or not you are experiencing symptoms or are at increased risk. The COVID-19 diagnostic test is safe, free, and easy.

There are over a hundred convenient testing sites across New York City, as well as mobile testing units visiting different locations throughout the five boroughs.

To find a testing location near you:

Text "COVID test" to 855-48;



Melanie E. La Rocca Commissioner

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