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2016 in Buildings

As we welcome the New Year, let's take a look back at some of the important achievements reached at the Department of Buildings in 2016!

The Department announced the launch of DOB NOW, our new online portal to modernize the agency's operations that will soon allow the public to do all business with NYC Buildings online. DOB NOW gives homeowners and construction professionals a new level of transparency into the Department, making it easier than ever to track the progress of job applications, inspection results, and other DOB filings.

We announced a new, equitable fee structure for construction projects, the first such change in a quarter century. Fees for projects at one-to-three family homes were cut in half, while fees for major developments are now commensurate with the services DOB provides in approving these much more complex projects.

During Climate Week this past September, it was announced that the amount of solar power generated in NYC has nearly quadrupled since 2013. Thanks in part to our new streamlined review process for small-scale solar installation projects, building owners across NYC are finding it easier than ever to go solar, reducing their greenhouse emissions and saving on energy bills.

Work site safety was a major priority for the Department in 2016, that's why in the beginning of the year we announced major actions to enhance safety in the construction industry. We hired over 140 new inspectors in calendar year 2016, quadrupled fines for safety lapses, and undertook a massive proactive enforcement sweep.

New Procedure For Emergency Gas Work & Restoration

As of November 22, 2016, Emergency Work Notifications (EWN) for gas restoration from the utility company must be sent by email to the Limited Alterations Applications (LAA) unit at The appropriate utility company should also be notified. The sender will receive an immediate receipt from the Department which must be printed and posted onsite. Emergency repairs can commence immediately, followed by appropriate applications and permits within the designated timeframe.

Once the work is done, licensees can request gas restoration from the appropriate utility company using the EWN receipt from the Department.

LAA Emergency Work Notification Process Service Notice

LAA Filing Guide

Living Safely Citywide Outreach Campaign

NYC Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler along with representatives from DOB, FDNY and HPD visited transit hubs across the five boroughs this past month handing out multi-lingual fliers on the dangers of illegally-converted apartments. All part of our annual Living Safely Campaign, the Department handed out over 12,000 flyers, informing the public on how to spot an illegally-converted residence.

Press Release

Living Safely Flyer (English-Spanish)

Tips For Renters: Hot to Spot an Illegal Conversion

Positions Open For NYC Buildings License Boards

The Department of Building is seeking applicants from the electrical and plumbing industries, architectural and engineering communities, as well as other industry stakeholders to serve as board members on the Electrical License Board and the Master Plumber & Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License Board. The application deadline to be considered for these positions is February 7, 2017.

Service Notice

Request For Nominations to License Boards

Electrical License Board Application

Master Plumber & Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractors License Board Application

Energy Efficiency Program For Apartment Buildings

Maintenance personnel for residential buildings in NYC have the opportunity to enroll in a new energy efficiency education program sponsored by NYC Department of Small Business Services and the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability. The NYC Building Operator Training Program is a free, 30-hour training program being offered to multi-family apartment building maintenance crews, providing information on how conservation techniques related to a building’s heating, electrical and water systems can potentially reduce building energy costs by up to 20 percent.

Press Release

Sign Up For NYC Building Operator Training

Disciplinary Cases

Additional Disciplinary Actions & Voluntary Surrenders

Industry Code of Conduct for Construction Professionals

Licensing Updates

Construction Superintendent Registration Renewal

Concrete Safety Manager Registration Renewal

General Contractor Registration Renewal

Master & Special Electrician License Renewal

Site Safety Manager Certification Renewal

Site Safety Manager Supplement Investigation Questionnaire

Site Safety Coordinator Supplement Investigation Questionnaire

Changes to Construction Superintendent & Concrete Safety Manager Registrations

Master Plumber License Renewal Checklist

Master Fire Suppression Contractor License Renewal Checklist

Master Sign Hanger License Renewal

Special Sign Hanger License Renewal

Obtain a NYC Welder License

LIC3 Instructions

Website Updates

Stop Work Orders

Common Examples of Stop Work Order Conditions

DOB NOW Public Portal Manual

DOB NOW Public Portal FAQ

Construction Related Accident Reports

Alternative Safety Systems: Cocoon & Climbing Concrete Form Work

Electrical Advisory Board Meeting Schedule

Press Releases

DOB: Operator Errors Caused February Crane Collapse 12.09.16

City Agencies Warn of Dangers of Illegal Conversions in Five-Borough Educational Campaign 12.08.16

Job Postings

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Service Updates

PER12 Manual Appointment Requests
Email Submission Process

LAA Emergency Work Notification
Process For Utility Company Gas Restoration

After-Hours Variance Application
Submissions Accepted Online Only

Sprinkler Systems
Required in Animal Service Facilities

OP128 Form

Manhattan Gas Test And Gas Finish
Emergency Work Notification

Administrative Enforcement Unit
Changes in Available Services and Service Level Agreement

Electrical Application Review (ED16A)
Location Change

Changes to Elevator Door Monitoring System
Permit and Inspection

Gas Test and Gas Finish
Self-Certifications Ending in Manhattan

Counter Service
Protocol Reminder

After-Hours Variance Application
Submissions Accepted Online Only

Construction Trade Licenses
Deactivation Information

Hearings + Rules

Examinations and Other Qualifications Amendment

§104-01 This rule amendment more accurately reflects the current qualification process for licensees, expands the fitness requirements to additional license types and adds restrictions on the location of contractors’ businesses within the city.

Public Hearing 01.09.17 @ 10am - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Hoisting Machine Operators Amendment

§104-09 This rule amendment requires hoisting machine operators to reflect the New York State Supreme Court’s decision that the portion of the current rule relating to out-of-state experience in an urban area of comparable density for a Class A Hoisting Machine License is invalid.

Public Hearing 01.13.17 @ 10am - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Applications Filed by a Licensed Sign Hangers

§105-04 This rule allows licensed sign hangers (Master Sign Hangers and Special Sign Hangers) to file applications to install certain wall-mounted, accessory signs and related structural elements.

Public Hearing 01.30.17 @ 10am - 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor Conference Room

All Department Rules

Local Laws

Final Inspections of Gas Piping Systems

Local Law 151 of 2016 (effective 01.01.18) A Local Law to amend the Administrative Code of the City of New York, in relation to final inspections of gas piping systems.

Procedures For Suspected Gas Leaks

Local Law 153 of 2016 (effective 06.04.17) A Local Law to amend the Administrative Code of the City of New York, in relation to requiring owners to provide notice to their tenants regarding procedures that should be followed when a gas leak is suspected.

Notification of Gas Service Shut-Off

Local Law 154 of 2016 (effective 03.06.17) A Local Law to amend the Administrative Code of the City of New York, in relation to requiring gas service providers and owners to notify the Department of Buildings within twenty-four hours when gas service is shut-off or not restored due to safety concerns.

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices

Local Law 157 of 2016 (effective upon rule promulgation) A local Law to amend the New York City Housing Maintenance Code and the New York City Building Code, in relation to smoke detecting devices and carbon monoxide detecting devices.

Fuel Gas Violation Resolution Program

Local Law 158 of 2016 (effective 04.05.17) A local Law in relation to a temporary waiver of penalties for violations relating to fuel gas piping systems and appliances that are promptly repaired.

Designation For Gas Piping Violations

Local Law 159 of 2016 (effective 04.05.17) A local Law to amend the Administrative Code of the City of New York, in relation to designating violations of existing law regarding gas piping systems as "immediately hazardous".

2014 Construction Code Updates

Update Page #21 reflects changes made by Local Laws 150 of 2016 (effective 12/06/16), in relation to a qualification for gas work.

Update Page #22 reflects changes made by Local Laws 152 of 2016 (effective 12/06/16), in relation to periodic inspections of gas piping systems.

2016 NYCECC replacement pages are available for download. Please check the 2016 NYCECC webpage for more information

Update Pages are printable inserts to keep your hard copy Construction Codes up to date.

All Update Pages for the 2014 NYC Construction Codes.

Code Notes

Temporary Place of Assembly

All Code Notes

Buildings Bulletins

All Buildings Bulletins

Did You Know

Worker falls are the most common construction-related accident to occur on the work site, and even a relatively short fall can lead to serious injury or death.

Employers are required by law to provide construction workers with safety harnesses on a site.

Remember to always wear your harness and tie-off when working near a drop of six feet or more.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor

Rick D. Chandler, P.E., Commissioner

photos by samantha modell

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