Dear DOB Community:

I am pleased to share with you our progress in rolling out DOB NOW, the Department’s new self-service online tool that will enable you to complete business processes online.

Waiver & Deferral Requests Added to DOB NOW: Build

The capability to request a waiver or deferral of certain documents has been added to DOB NOW: Build for the following work types:  Antenna, Construction Fence, Curb Cut, Plumbing, Sidewalk Shed, Sign, Sprinklers, Standpipe, and Supported Scaffold.  A step-by-step guide titled How to Submit a Waiver or Deferral Request is available online.

Refresher Training / Q&A Sessions for DOB NOW: Build

In April, DOB will be hosting a combination of refresher training and Q&A sessions:     

  • April 18th for a walk-through of Electrical filings;

  • April 25th for a walk-through of Construction Fence and Sign filings.  (Note:  while the April 25th session will demonstrate Fence and Sign filings, the screens and process are essentially the same for Antenna, Curb Cut, Plumbing, Sidewalk Shed, Sprinklers, Standpipe, and Supported Scaffold filings.)

For more details and to sign-up, please visit the DOB NOW Training page.

Additional Filing Types and Functionality to Come

Several releases across all four DOB NOW modules – Build, Safety, Inspections, and Licensing – are planned for later in 2018.  Launch dates and more details will be provided in the coming months but expect to hear about elevator compliance/safety filings (annual inspections and tests) this summer, and then permits for General Construction, Mechanical, and Structural as well as Limited Alteration Applications towards the end of the year.

For additional information on DOB NOW, please visit www.nyc.gov/dobnowinfo

For feedback or questions regarding DOB NOW, please use www.nyc.gov/dobnowhelp


Rick Chandler, PE

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