Dear DOB Community:

We are now days away from a major expansion of DOB NOW: Build, and other exciting updates we are making to ensure that DOB NOW continues to better serve our customers.


 July Releases

Mechanical*, Structural*, Plumbing, Sprinkler, and Standpipe new filings must be submitted in DOB NOW: Build starting July 1st, 2019.

New Buildings and General Construction work will continue to be filed in BIS. There is a field in DOB NOW to enter the associated BIS job number. 

*Exception: for one and two family homes, separate Mechanical and Structural filings are not required and the mechanical and structural elements may instead be included on the architectural plan set for the OT-GC filing (do not list MS or ST in Box 6D). If the applicant of record on these filings is not the same, separate filings will need to be submitted in DOB NOW for the Mechanical or Structural work.

More information is available in the Service Notice.


 Interface Improvements and Training Sessions

Improved DOB NOW: Build Interface

Filers of existing DOB NOW work types (Antenna, Curb Cut, Fence, Scaffold, Shed, and Sign) will see an improved layout as part of our effort to make the PW1 section the same for all work types. The user interface that launched with Place of Assembly/ Temporary Place of Assembly filings in December will be seen throughout DOB NOW: Build.

In-person and Online DOB NOW: Build Training Sessions

Training sessions have been held all this month and will continue throughout July, both in person and online. Over 2,000 industry members have registered to date and if you are an architect, concrete director, general contractor, filing representative, plumber, professional engineer, special inspector, or other professional involved in the above work types then we encourage you to do so as well. Additionally, check out the resources on the DOB NOW: Build webpage which includes links to step-by-step guides, presentations and easy-to-follow videos.


 New Review Request Process for Civil Penalties

Requests for overrides, reductions, or waivers of civil penalties for Work Without a Permit Violations (L2) for DOB NOW filings created on or after July 1st, 2019 will be submitted through DOB NOW. Read the Service Notice for more details.


 New Process for Gas Inspections in the Bronx and Queens

Beginning July 12, Gas Test and Gas Finish self-certifications will no longer be allowed in the Bronx and Queens and inspections will need to be requested in DOB NOW: Inspections. Read the Service Notice for more details.


 Final Inspection Required by Registered Design Professional

Applications submitted through DOB NOW for work types listed in Buildings Bulletin 2018-008 including Antenna, Fence, Shed and Scaffold will include Final Inspection as a required progress inspection. Read the Service Notice for more details.


 Coming Soon

In September, Boiler Equipment (boilers, fuel burners, and fuel storage) filings will be launching in DOB NOW so be on the lookout for a Service Notice with all the details. And next year, we will add General Construction and a suite of additional functionality to DOB NOW.

Thank you for your interest as we continue to improve our systems that are a vital part our efforts to bring you a better Buildings Department. If you have any questions or comments, please use the DOB NOW Help Form.


Archana Jayaram
Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Planning and Policy

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