Dear DOB Community:

I am pleased to share with you our progress in rolling out DOB NOW, the Department’s new self-service online tool that will enable you to complete business processes online.

Electrical job filings – launches December 4, 2017

All ED16A job filings are required to be submitted in DOB NOW: Build. Sign up for an in-person information session or an online webinar to learn more.

Elevator job filings – launches December 11, 2017

All Elevator job filings are required to be submitted in DOB NOW: Build. Sign up for an in-person information session or an online webinar to learn more.


Development Construction, Plumbing & Electrical – enhancements January 15, 2018

New inspections types are being added and you will now have the ability to request sign off for final certificates of occupancy or temporary certificates of occupancy in DOB NOW: Inspections. Keep an eye out for an upcoming Service Notice for dates and times for information sessions about these new enhancements.

What’s New in the FAQ’s?

Have you checked out the DOB NOW resources page? One helpful feature is our FAQ sections, which we are always updating based on customer feedback. Below are some of the newest FAQ’s regarding DOB NOW: Build releases:

How can I research all the filings and permits on an address?

You will need to look both in DOB NOW: Build and in BIS for any jobs filed in the borough office or through eFiling.

Why is the permit expiration date less than one year on my DOB NOW: Build filing?

Current code and rule provisions are applicable in DOB NOW. Please see Rule 101-08 that explains that all insurance requirements must be maintained for the duration of the permit.

How does DOB NOW calculate my fees?

DOB NOW calculates fees according to the NYC Construction Codes as amended by Local Law 56 of 2016. For further information, please see Table 28-112.2.

Click these links to access the full versions of Build, Inspections, and Safety FAQ’s.

Industry Survey

We recently conducted an industry-wide survey to receive feedback regarding the DOB NOW: Safety Boilers release and training that took place in August; our thanks to those of you who participated. We are working on compiling the data and addressing the issues that were raised. The new process has already resulted in over 20,000 filings!

Thank you for helping us spread the work about the DOB NOW materials on our website and how to register for an eFiling account, which is needed to log into DOB NOW. If you have questions or comments, please submit an inquiry through the DOB NOW Online Help Form.


Rick Chandler, PE

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