DOITT:10 Points of Change

DoITT is the technology core of New York City government, working with over 100 city agencies and entities to deliver the IT products and services they need to serve and empower New Yorkers and keep our five boroughs safe, strong, and vibrant.

Commissioner’s Message

Samir Saini

I arrived at DoITT 100 days ago and found a strong, vibrant agency, staffed by more than a thousand highly skilled employees whose work is indispensable to the functioning of City government and its more than 100 distinct agencies and entities.

Every single day, DoITT provides an array of operational, professional, and administrative services to our agency customers, empowering them to deliver on Mayor de Blasio’s vision for a more equitable, inclusive, vibrant, and safe city for all. Additionally, DoITT directly serves New Yorkers through oversight of franchise agreements that deliver cellular and broadband services on our streets and public spaces, in our homes and businesses.

For such a critically important agency, the question becomes: how do we better serve and empower our customers?

We asked the people who know best: our customers themselves. Extensive agency engagement, combined with careful evaluation of DoITT’s current capabilities and structure, led us to a set of long-term strategic actions we will take to better serve and empower our agency customers and all New Yorkers: the 10 Points of Change that are detailed in this book. These 10 Points will also guide the core elements of our multi-year strategic plan, which will be released in the fall.

Technology continues to evolve and, with every innovation, becomes more and more essential to the people and organizations dedicated to serving New Yorkers. This plan asserts our commitment to evolve in parallel, so that our 8.6 million neighbors truly experience the ways that tech can be a powerful force for public good.

Samir Saini

Citywide Chief Information Officer
Commissioner, NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT)

10 Points at a Glance

10 Points at a Glance
Define and Realign
Operate and Maintain
Enhance and Expand
Innovate and Drive