Giving Responsibly After a Disaster

Giving Responsibly After a Disaster

donateNYC is committed to supporting the local reuse and donations community at all times, including during disasters or emergencies. donateNYC provides communication and coordination assistance to nonprofit organizations engaged in emergency response, as well as to businesses and residents looking to help.

During an emergency, the donateNYC Exchange is available to help local, state, and national relief agencies, as well as private sector businesses, connect with local nonprofit organizations in need of donated goods. Residents looking to donate goods in support of emergency relief will find up-to-date information on the donateNYC website, and can use donateNYC to: locate local agencies in need of donated resources

donateNYC encourages New Yorkers to donate responsibly, after a disaster or any time. Here are some key points to keep in mind about donating effectively:

Donate cash

Giving money is quick and efficient, and is most helpful to disaster responders. It gives responders the flexibility to purchase exactly what they need for their disaster relief efforts. Please donate to a trusted organization of your choice. Examples of local City-affiliated agencies include the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and members of NYC Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster (NYC VOAD).

Coordinate before you donate goods

Never donate unsolicited goods; this hinders disaster response efforts and diverts valuable time and money away from those who need it most. Before donating any material donations, please contact the recipient organization to confirm their current needs.

Donate your time

Volunteering your time is great way to support disaster survivors. But never “self-deploy” to a disaster site. Always coordinate with an existing reputable volunteer organization first. If possible, connect before a disaster with an organization that offers volunteer training year-round, such as the American Red Cross of Greater New York and NY Cares. Visit NYC Service to find out where your help is most needed.

Donate year-round

Emergency response is a year-round effort. Nonprofit organizations respond 365 days a year to the pressing problems of New Yorkers, including homelessness, hunger, and poverty—so consider helping them throughout the year, not just during a disaster. Use donateNYC or the donateNYC mobile app (available for both iOs and Android to find places where you can donate materials year-round.

Stay informed

For up-to-date information on disaster response visit NYC Emergency Management. To receive up-to-date emergency notifications register with Notify NYC.

Resources for more information on donating responsibly