donateNYC Impact

donateNYC Impact

donateNYC Partner organizations are leaders in the New York City’s green economy. By merging sound business practices with environmental and social responsibility, these organizations contribute significantly to the City’s OneNYC vision. Their work is critical to the City’s 0X30 initiative for sending zero waste to landfills by 2030. These reuse organizations help keep millions of pounds of materials out of the waste stream and landfills every year, protect the environment by conserving energy and resources, and provide crucial programs and services to New Yorkers who need them.


donateNYC Partners diverted more than 85 million pounds of materials from the waste stream in the past year. Food and textiles constituted the largest category of redistributed materials, at 65.5 million pounds, or 76% of the total amount of materials. Other second-hand materials that donateNYC member organizations diverted from the waste stream include:

  • 3.1 million pounds of wood
  • 2.4 million pounds of metals
  • 2.4 million pounds of paper
  • 1.4 million pounds of plastic
  • 0.2 million pounds of glass


This materials diversion by donateNYC partner organizations contributed to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 143,600 metric tons of CO2 equivalents, and energy savings of 1,200 billion BTU. This is equivalent to:

  • Keeping 30,300 passenger vehicles off the road each year
  • Preventing nearly 153 million pounds of coal from being burned
  • Achieving as much carbon absorption as 177,700 acres of forest


donateNYC partner organizations reached 1,4 million of New Yorkers every year through vital social programs, including:

  • Educational workshops
  • Food programs
  • Professional development services
  • Family services
  • Housing and sheltering
  • Health care and support