Reports & Publications

A selection of reports from the NYC Center for Materials Reuse:

As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage materials reuse in New York City, DSNY (through donateNYC) conducted a comprehensive survey of NYC’s reuse sector. The aim of this survey and assessment was to provide a census overview of reuse activity in New York City and to expand the knowledge about the enterprises that contribute to product reuse and waste prevention in the City. By examining both nonprofit and for-profit enterprises, this report examines reuse through a new framework encompassing all activities that encourage and promote the reuse of materials, including repair and rental services.

The third annual report on the donateNYC Partnership program outlines the environmental and social impacts of donateNYC's partner organizations. Read about how these 40+ nonprofit organizations diverted over 85.5 million pounds of usable goods from landfills and provided social services to over 1.4 million New Yorkers.

The second annual report on the donateNYC Partnership, highlighting the contributions of partner organizations to their local communities, such as providing free and low-cost goods, creating green jobs, and delivering services to hundreds of thousands of New York City residents.

This annual report from ReuseNYC (now the donateNYC Partnership) highlights the contributions of partner organizations to their local communities in 2014.

A summary of the Sector Assessment Project, which investigated challenges faced by the reuse sector and ways to facilitate more effective and efficient reuse programs in New York City.

A survey undertaken as part of the Transporting Reusables Using Commercial Carriers (TRUCC) project, which is researching how the NYC reuse sector can have better access to adequate and affordable transportation resources.