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BOP Shell Collection Program

BOP Shell Collection Program

Operated by Earth Matter NY, the BOP Shell Collection Program supplies oyster shells to the New York Harbor Foundation's Billion Oyster Project. Shells are collected by the BOP Shell Collection Program from dozens of restaurants and events in NYC. After being properly separated, collected, transported, and cured, these shells can be reseeded to grow new live oysters-or reused.

New Yorkers eat up to half a million oysters in local restaurants every week. Participating restaurants sort shells from other organic waste and save them in specific bins. The BOP Shell Collection Programs collects and transports full bins to a curing site in Staten Island where the oyster shell is dumped and stored outside for a year. After 12 months curing the shell under all kind of weather conditions, all flesh and bacteria are removed from it, and the Shell Collection Program provides the Billion Oyster Project with cured shells ready to be seeded.

donateNYC Partner Fact: Through the BOP Shell Collection Program, tons of shells are recovered and cured to grow new live oysters-helping to build estuary habitat and to improve the quality of New York Harbor.


Accepted: Please call ahead to ensure that your donation can be accepted.

  • oyster shells from NYC restaurants and events

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Contacts & Location

Earth Matter NY BOP Shell Collection Program

BOP Shell Collection Program c/o Earth Matter NY
179 Rivington Street 4A
New York, NY 10004