donateNYC Programs

The donateNYC Partnership provides programs throughout the year. For more information on joining the Partnership and participating in these programs, contact us.

See Reports & Publications for more information about donateNYC programs and impact.

donateNYC Conference

The donateNYC Conference is an annual gathering of donateNYC Partners, focusing on shared challenges and examining collective strategies to improve operations and advocacy for local materials reuse.

The donateNYC annual conference provides an important opportunity for Partners to network, discuss best practices, weigh in on industry strategies, and collaborate with other organizations and government partners.

Workshops, Training & Networking

As a support service to the local nonprofit reuse sector, donateNYC brings together leaders of the NYC reuse sector in quarterly roundtable meetings to discuss Partnership membership issues and to collaborate on solving common reuse challenges.

donateNYC also offers members workshops and professional development training programs to assist reuse professionals and organizations on a variety of issues, such as:

  • Board and volunteer management
  • Marketing
  • Taxes, risk, and liability
  • Budgeting and fundraising
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Reuse retail management
  • Program evaluation and outcome measurement.
  • Compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and OSHA safety standards
  • Prevention and control of bedbugs

Reuse Data & Research

Organizations engaged in materials reuse often have limited means to track and analyze data about their reuse activities—data that can be used internally to understand and improve operations, and externally to demonstrate and promote the economic, environmental, and social benefits of their work.

To address the need for better data tracking, donateNYC, in collaboration with NYC Center for Materials Reuse at The City College of New York, developed the Reuse Impact Calculator [RIC]. This system, the first of its kind, uses qualitative and quantitative information provided by donateNYC Partners to analytically describe the impact of the reuse sector in New York City.

Data collected by the project is published yearly in Data Management Project reports and the donateNYC annual report.

Collaborative Efforts

donateNYC participates in a wide range of collaborative efforts with local, state, national, and international agencies to further the sustainable management of second-hand goods and to advocate for materials reuse. These collaborations include: