Help with donateNYC

Where can I download the donateNYC app?

The free donateNYC mobile app is available for iOS and for Android devices.

Can I use donateNYC to post items that I have to donate?

donateNYC is an online and mobile search tool to help New Yorkers find local second-hand shops or donation centers for their used goods. Qualifying businesses and nonprofit reuse organizations can be listed in donateNYC.

Businesses and nonprofit organizations are also welcome to use the donateNYC Exchange to post larger quantities of goods that they want or are looking to donate.

Where does donateNYC's list of donation locations come from?

The list is generated by submitted and approved applications from local organizations and businesses. These organizations have agreed to verification requirements, and have attested to the accuracy of the information posted.

If your company or organization would like to be listed, or if you have a correction to a listing, please use this form

I tried to go to a donation location on donateNYC, and it does not exist, or it does not take the item listed; how can I report an inaccuracy on donateNYC?

Sometime organizations change, move, or go out of business. If you have find inaccuracies in donateNYC listings, please contact us.

Will donateNYC vendors pick up my stuff?

Maybe. Vendors have their own policies about picking up items. Drop-off and pickup details for each vendor will appear on the donateNYC search results page. If you have large quantities of items or other special circumstances, you may be able to arrange to have a vendor pick up your items. Please contact the vendor directly.

Why can't I find a vendor for the item I would like to donate?

Search results will only appear if the search criteria you entered match the categories of vendors in the donateNYC database. If you can't find a vendor, try changing the search criteria, say, by expanding the location area. If no vendor accepts the item you wish to donate, please check out the How To Get Rid Of feature on the DSNY home page to look for other options.

Why won't the vendor listed accept my item?

Vendors are listed within general categories of items that they accept or sell. This doesn't mean that they accept or sell all items within the category. For example, if a vendor is listed as a place to sell clothing, they may only buy certain types or styles of clothing. In addition, vendors may be selective about the quality and quantity of materials that they accept.

There also may be product-specific policies, laws, or regulations affecting why vendors won't accept an item, such as:

  • Bedding—for health and bedbug reasons, NYS law restricts the refurbishing and resale of used mattresses and box springs.
  • Toys—federal law regulates the resale of children's toys that contain lead. Many second-hand outlets do not accept any children's toys, in order to avoid expensive lead-content lab tests.
  • Used electronics—the problem with accepting donations of used electronics is quality and demand. Since electronics technology evolves so quickly, older electronic equipment may not be practical for reuse or resale
  • Books—many reuse organizations have strict rules about the types of books they accept. Some organizations accept books in certain genres only; most vendors don't accept encyclopedias and other dated publications, or any book in poor condition.

If you wonder whether a vendor will accept your items, it's always best to call ahead.

If a vendor is listed incorrectly under an item category, please contact us.

I'm a vendor dealing with antiques and high-end items; can I get listed in donateNYC?

Yes—donateNYC includes a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Dealers of high-end used goods like antiques, collectibles, and designer clothing and accessories are an integral part of the reuse community. Not only do they help keep materials out of waste stream—they also promote the preservation of history and culture.

Who is eligible to be listed in donateNYC?

Businesses and organizations located in New York City that buy, sell, or accept donations of used goods can be listed as vendors in donateNYC. To be listed as accepting donations, organizations must have a verifiable physical operation and location (such as a storefront, reception center, or regular donation drive), that is accessible to the general public for the drop-off and pickup of donated goods within the five boroughs of NYC, with regular hours of operation. The physical location may be verified through site visits, evaluation of regular customer feedback, online street views, or other documentable evidence.

Businesses wanting to be listed in donateNYC may be asked to provide proof of their NYC Second-Hand Dealer License. Nonprofit organizations may be asked to provide proof of their IRS 501(c)(3) status.

How do I list my business or organization, or update information in my listing?

To get your organization listed in donateNYC, or to remove, update, or correct your vendor listing, use this form.