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November 2016
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The Strongest is Even Stronger!

More than 500 new and promoted employees took their oath of office, pledging and declaring to uphold the constitutions of the United States and State of New York and faithfully discharge their duties. The DSNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums band and our Ceremonial Unit began the event that welcomed more than 370 new Sanitation Workers to our ranks. The Department held the swearing-in event at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, a ceremonious location where uniformed agencies host events calling for pomp and circumstance.

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Getting to Zero

Those food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard trimmings that New Yorkers treat like trash represent almost a third of the refuse we collect. That’s why we’ve created our #raisinawareness puns and Meet the People Behind the Bin campaign that highlights our dedicated workers – to help people get with the (NYC Organics) program. We’ve also just launched Share my bin!, which encourages neighborly bin sharing. Learn more about Share my Bin!

Watch the very happy Share my bin! video!
Join Commissioner Garcia in her mom’s kitchen!

On the Move

photo Justin Bland has been promoted to Director of Commercial Waste Zoning. In this new position, Justin will lead the Department’s role in transforming private waste collections into a zone-based system – a structure that could cut commercial collection truck traffic as much as 68 percent and significantly reduce air pollutants and gas emissions. As Policy Analyst in the Commissioner’s Office, Justin spent nearly a year overseeing the consulting team that studied the potential benefits to modernizing current regulations. He was also the lead project manager for DSNY’s 2016 Strategic Plan. Prior to DSNY, he worked as an environmental policy and budget analyst for the New York City Independent Budget Office and as a demographic statistician for the US Census Bureau.
Bragging Rights

CRS’ Supervisor of Mechanics Douglas Luback now also boasts the title DCAS Energy Champ! The Department of Citywide Administrative Services honored Doug in their 2016 Energy Recognition Ceremony for his commitment to optimizing energy efficiency at DSNY.
Bronx 2 District Superintendent Sean Neal is prepping for his fifth New York City Marathon selected to represent the Bronx – and has also been selected by Foot Locker to represent the Bronx in Foot Locker’s NYC Marathon 5 Borough Challenge, a race-within-the-race. No doubt proud mama (and Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Terry Neal will be cheering him on! Read what motivated Sean to become a marathoner.

Queens West 1 District Superintendent Operations Assistant John DePalma represented the USA in the World Amateur Golfers Championship in South Africa! He and his team landed the 2016 National Championship.
The first rule of the Super Secret Salad Club is that you don’t talk about the Super Secret Salad Club. That’s also the second rule – unless you’re bragging about tonnage. In two months, this 10-person lunch group at Worth Street sent more than 80 pounds of food scraps to our organics bins for composting.
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DSNY Family

photo Annabella posed as unofficial mascot of DSNY’s walking team at last month’s Autism Speaks fundraiser at the College of Staten Island. She’s the daughter Brooklyn 7 Sanitation Worker Angel Alonso and clearly enjoys showing some Strongest pride!
Take Care!
  • Get your flu shot. Seriously, get it.
  • November is American Diabetes Month! People with diabetes have challenges keeping their blood sugar levels stable – and without proper care, diabetes can create life-threatening health problems. Family history, body weight, diet, ethnicity, lack of exercise, smoking and/or high blood pressure can increase a person’s risk. Early symptoms include extreme thirst, fatigue, frequent urination and blurred vision. Know your risk, stay active, eat well and have regular check-ups with your doctor. Learn to prevent diabetes at or call (212) 437-4457.
In Case You Missed It

Freshills Discovery Day

Office of Equity, Diversion and Inclusion, from left: Jose Silvestre, Ryan David, Evelyn Nieves-Moscol, Robert Holmes, Teresa Neal and Christopher Sanchez

Our Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion co-hosted the City’s first-ever, daylong conference to collaborate on ways to develop diverse and inclusive work environments. Equal Employment Opportunity professionals from across the country attended the event, where they shared best practices and effective strategies. The City of New York is working to generate a nationwide dialogue that will bring about an enduring environment of equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Good to Know
  • Want to change, start or cancel your health insurance? The deadline is Nov. 11.
  • Looking to earn a graduate degree? The Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship Program is accepting applications by Friday, Nov. 18. Learn more at
  • Combat Wounded Veterans of America has partnered with the NY Islanders! They’re giving 2 VIP tickets to veterans, reservists and people on active duty or in the National Guard. Email
  • Know someone outside DSNY looking for some extra work this winter? We’re now registering laborers for snow season.
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The Social Scene

From the Commissioner

Kathryn Garcia

There is so much talent in our Department. Last week’s swearing-in and promotion ceremony was a meaningful reminder of our workforce’s dedication when facing challenges few New Yorkers can imagine. That’s the importance of our annual Merit Awards: They allow us to acknowledge our successes in serving our city.

Our Merit Awards reflect the best – and the heart – of our Department. Our Citation and Award recipients have performed with valiance, grace and generosity while helping other employees and members of the public. This year, we honored Manhattan 1 Sanitation Workers Wilson Arroyo and Carlos Rosado and Sanitation Police Officers Ryan Kashuba and Anthony Rizzo with our Gold Medal of Honor. Sanitation Workers Arroyo and Rosado were acutely aware of their surroundings while on their route – and spotted four very young children abandoned by their babysitter, left alone in a running car on a busy street. They waited to protect the children until they found NYPD officers, who arrested the sitter and returned the children home safely. Our Sanitation Police Officers were at the top of their game, too, when they apprehended an armed man at our headquarters. They handcuffed him, confiscated his firearm and detained him until NYPD officers took him into custody. Of course, sometimes our colleagues work best when reaching across the constructs of bureaus. Case in point: The 2016 North Shore MTS and Bureaus of Motor Equipment and Building Maintenance. Together, this de facto team of men and women, representing uniformed and civilian tradespeople found innovative ways to bring the first-of-its-kind MTS to life, fulfilling the promise of the Solid Waste Management Plan. For this reason, these units earned this year’s Unit Citation.

Similarly, the NYC Organics Team is comprised of employees across the Department – of all ranks and titles – who collaborated to expand our organics programs. From developing strategies to overcome obstacles to devising routes to building residents’ participation, hundreds of our coworkers focused on this project that’s critical in bringing organics collections or drop-off sites citywide by the end of 2018, a key step in sending zero waste to landfills by 2030. For this achievement, they have been given the coveted Commissioner’s Citation.

Please extend your congratulations to our colleagues for their hard work and dedication -- and thank you for all that you do to keep New York healthy, safe, and clean.

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