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May 2017
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Talk Trash with Us!

New York’s Strongest is invited to launch Talk Trash New York anti-litter campaign! On Sunday, May 7 we’re taking over The Cage basketball courts to announce our new basketball-themed initiative. Bring your kids to play in our basketball clinic led by local coaches – and meet retired Knicks power forward Larry Johnson! Plus, you’ll have a sneak preview of our new Talk Trash New York commercial, meet the ad’s star and see the net-inspired litter baskets that will be in parks across the City. Kids 7 to 13 can play, and the first 200 children attending will score a limited-edition DSNY ball tank designed by Heron Preston, our Designer-in-Residence!

Get on the roster!

You Oughta Be in Pictures


We’re recruiting new volunteers to represent DSNY and highlight our NYC Organics programs. Uniformed and civilian employees can participate, and in particular we need folks who work or live in: Brooklyn South 7, 11, 12; Bronx 8, 10, 11, 12; Queens East 7, 8, 14; and Queens West 2 and 9. Volunteers will receive a professional print of your best shot – and some employees will be featured in our print and social media campaigns. Email to volunteer!

Chief Frank Esposito

Chief Frank Esposito has been appointed Special Assistant to First Deputy Commissioner Dennis Diggins. From assignments in the field, to the Cleaning Office to the Medical Division, Chief Esposito brings 17 years of wide-ranging experiences at our Department to his new role. Congratulations, Chief!

Getting to Zero

The Foundation for New York’s Strongest is hosting a unique new expo this July to help lead the food industry to reduce its food waste.

Commissioner Garcia brought together Department leadership to outline DSNY’s Citywide expansion of NYC Organics.

Wonder what’s in our garbage? The 2017 Waste Characterization Study is underway!

In the Hopper

Uniformed Sanitation Chiefs Association Annual Retirement Dinner
5/9 @1700

Emerald Society Annual BBQ
5/18 @1500

Eileen Hagen Retirement
5/19 @1700

Joseph Farrelly Retirement
5/20 @ 1600

African American Benevolent Society
5/20 @ 2100

DSNY Day with the Mets
6/18 @ 1300

Lunch and Learn!

All DSNY employees are invited to attend our monthly talks on zero waste by our experts. Bring your lunch to eat during the presentation – just be sure you have your supervisors’ approval. Questions, speaker ideas or want to RSVP? Email Louise Bruce at

  • Rolling Out Organics. 5/18 @ 1200 – Room 819, 125 Worth Street
  • Increasing Diversion in Large Apartment Buildings. 6/ 8 @ 1200 – Room 819, 125 Worth Street
  • Managing Household Hazardous Waste. 6/22 @ 1200 – Room 819, 125 Worth Street
Doing Good and Doing Well


Assistant Chief Michael Murphy would like to thank everyone who supported Donna’s Beacon of Hope Family Team, which raised a grand total of $11,600 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, an organization that works to combat Type 1 diabetes. The group was started by A.C. Murphy in memory of his late wife, Donnamarie.

Take Care!

Over the past year, DSNY employees have suffered more than 700 sprains and strains. A strain is stretched or torn muscle or tendon (which connects muscle to bone). A sprain is an stretched or torn ligament (which connects bones at a joint). Strains and sprains happen in many ways – and our reaching, bending, lifting, gripping, and twisting hands, shoulders and body increases our risk of sprains and strains on the job. Tips to protect yourself:

  • Warm up with moderate stretching exercises before any heavy lifting.
  • Plan before lifting! Consider the weight of the object, how far you have to carry it and clear your path.
  • Lift objects with your Power Zone – the area between mid-thigh and mid-chest.
To learn more ways to protect yourself, call the Health Care Facility at (212) 437-4457 or click here.

The Social Scene

Commissioner’s Sign-off

Kathryn Garcia

Much of our success is founded upon trying new things -- and then taking educated approaches.

Case in point: zero waste to landfills. This is an enormous goal that will vastly reduce our environmental impact -- but the task of changing the minds and behavior of 8.5 million fellow New Yorkers can seem insurmountable. To tackle this challenge systematically, our latest Waste Characterization Study is now underway. By investigating just what's in residents' garbage cans and recycling bins, we'll know where to focus first. That's how we learned that organics comprise roughly a third of our waste -- even though food scraps, food-soiled yard waste and yard trimmings are valuable resources. That's one key reason why NYC Organics is a critical priority.

Another example is our upcoming #TalkTrashNewYork campaign. We've certainly led memorable anti-litter campaigns before, but this will be our first that encourages New Yorkers to speak up and call out litter bugs.

Finally, we're positioning ourselves as thought leaders that will guide the food industry to embrace environmentalism, and even capitalize on it. The Foundation for New York's Strongest is leading this initiative by creating the NYC Food Waste Fair, a unique cross between a trade expo and science fair.

Thank you for all that you do to keep New York City great.

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