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March-April 2017
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New Organics Districts Announced!

We’ve just announced the new locations where our NYC Organics program is launching next. Organics curbside collection is kicking off in May in Brooklyn North 1 and 16, with BKN2 and BKS13 and 15 receiving our service in June. By the end of this calendar year, 3,300,000 New Yorkers will be able to recycle their food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard waste through collection and drop-off locations. The Commissioner made the announcement at La Casita Verde community garden.

Learn why NYC Organics is so important.

Chief John Capo
Director, Solid Waste Management

John Capo Chief John Capo has been promoted to Director of Solid Waste Management – and now sports a fourth star on his shoulders. Thanks to his experience in waste disposal and as Special Assistant to First Deputy Commissioner Dennis Diggins, Chief Capo will help usher in a new era at the Bureau of Solid Waste Management as we open new Marine Transfer Stations, convert Fresh Kills landfill into Freshkills Park and accomplish the City’s zero waste goals.

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Maintaining the Fleet + Moving Up

Emilisa Robles

From left: Deputy Commissioner Rocky DiRico; Supervisor of Mechanics Emilisa Robles and Commissioner Garcia

Kudos + Congrats to Emilisa Robles!

Auto Mechanic Emilisa Robles has been promoted to Supervisor of Mechanics – transforming her from DSNY’s first female auto mechanic to first female to ascend to this rank (and just in time for Women’s History Month). Now in her 11th year as one of New York’s Strongest, she began as an auto mechanic in the Queens Borough Repair Shop. At a young age, SOM Robles turned her passion for vehicles into a career, and once she landed in New York City, she had one goal in mind: “It’s the greatest city in the world, and I wanted to work for the greatest sanitation department in the world – and I wanted to work on the best equipment.” She landed her job here the old-fashioned way – literally knocking on doors until she contacted the right person, and then applied for and passed the required civil service test. And now, she’s passed another exam – Civil Service Supervisor of Mechanics. SOM Robles loves the importance of her work: “People don’t know how dangerous it is out there for our men and women on the job, and our work at support services maintains 6,000 DSNY vehicles to protect people – New York’s Strongest and New Yorkers. That’s important to me.”

United Women of Sanitation Association


The Association has supported US troops by raising money for the USO and the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

The founders of the United Women of Sanitation Association (UWSA) believe in the DSNY community. Established in 2005 by a Founder’s Steering Committee which included Public Affairs Director Kathy Dawkins and Community Affairs Deputy Director of Customer Relations Debra Barreto, the Association brings together the women of New York’s Strongest with the shared experience of working in a historically male-dominated field. While building the organization, Barreto, who currently serves at the UWSA President, explained, it quickly became clear that more unites us than divides us. “That’s why the group began leading educational programs for all employees – women, men, uniformed, civilian – to help us navigate challenges, from long-term care for ill family members to financial seminars to health screenings,” she said. With such a large Department and when logistically possible, the UWSA takes its educational Brown-Bag Lunch seminars on the road to different DSNY offices and locations.

Interested in getting involved? Contact United Women of Sanitation Association President Debra Barreto.

Our Irish Eyes Are Smiling


DSNY Emerald Society

The DSNY Emerald Society celebrated St. Patrick's Day – nearly all month long! Its Pipes & Drums Band was in full regalia throughout March – across New York City and beyond.

See the photos

One of Our Own Needs Help

Warren Jones Retired Sanitation Worker Warren Jones -- who served in Manhattan 8A -- is reaching out to New York's Strongest for help. S/W Jones is fighting chronic kidney disease and is seeking a donor to help him survive.

Learn more here

FareThee Well, Chief Thomas Kileen

FareThee Well, Chief Thomas Kileen
Take Care!

The Centers for Disease Control is sharing some unexpected (dismaying!) research results: Men with physically demanding jobs are four times more likely to develop heart disease than those with less active jobs. We can all lower our risk of heart disease by:

  • Making weight control a priority;
  • Quitting smoking and avoiding second-hand smoke;
  • Making sure cholesterol levels and blood pressure are in check;
  • Enjoying moderate amounts of alcohol; and
  • Eating healthy food and staying active.

The Social Scene

New York City bloggers and freelance writers visited the Staten Island Transfer Station and Compost Facility and La Casita Verde community garden.

From the Commissioner

Kathryn Garcia

Few New Yorkers can imagine and truly appreciate the mental focus and physical stamina each of our Strongest brings to our critical mission of clearing our roads and keeping New Yorkers safe. I know how much of yourself you give during snow season – and I applaud you for it. With April here and the snow season hopefully behind us, we can turn our focus to our other goals.

Up first: District-by-district expansion of curbside organics collection kicks off this month -- and we won't stop until the end of 2018, when the all New Yorkers have curbside collection service or easy access to drop-off locations. We’re also moving forward with commercial waste collection zones, which will help us achieve our Zero Waste goals and reduce traffic and truck emissions. Just last weekend, we held the first SAFE disposal event of the season at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, where New Yorkers brought thousands of hazardous items for proper disposal. Plus, we have a new anti-litter campaign on the way -- one that encourages New Yorkers to cry foul when they see a litter bug in action.

All of these are examples of how we’re embracing new approaches to achieve our important mission to keep our city healthy, safe and clean.

Thank you for all that you do, each and every day, to keep New York City a great place to live, work and visit.

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